Where could I find the full L'Osservatore Romano Beatles article?

Does anyone know where I could find the full article written in the Vatican’s official newspaper “L’Osservatore Romano” about the Beatles?

Greatly appreciated!

I don’t think you’ll find full English text copies of any L’Osservatore Romana articles online. They only have online a few articles from the most recent issue:


You can find plenty of articles about that article:


Of course the whole thing was vastly over-hyped. L’Osservatore Romana is the quasi-official Vatican newspaper that reports on the goings on of the Vatican. It is not the official mouthpiece of the Pope.

That is my impression too. They very much want to increase their subscriptions. Reasonably, (and this is just a guess) they might think that putting too much online will cut into their print circulation.

Indeed. I think you’re probably right about their motivation (and I understand why they would go that route), but unfortunately it leads to many of us relying on second-hand (or third- or fourth-hand) information about what they say. :frowning:

I’d rather not hear about what they report via The Guardian. :o

Oh, yes. I’ve had that feeling many times over the past few years. :o

Several Rupert Murdoch owned newspapers are returning to the web-subscription model. Limited online content is public, but if readers want the full story, they need to pay a monthly subscription. I think this may work for high-visibility, brand name publications like the Wall Street Journal. Perhaps L’Osservatore Romano could consider doing this.

Of course, that would require an initial investment of money and the Holy See (which owns the newspaper) lost $5 million last year, and lost money in 2008 as well. So they may not be up to thinking about new spending at present.

As for the Beatles story, if the OP wants to go to some extended effort, L’Osservatore Romano does sell back issues at the cost of 2 Euros a piece. And if you email them, perhaps they will be willing to send you just the article. It might be worth a try.

Here is the contact information, in Italian. You may need to use an online translator:

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