Where could I find these books (used)for a priest?


I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this,but I’ll go ahead…

I am trying to assist a local priest to find the following books- “Days of the Lord:the Liturgical Year” and any of the Anchor Bible commentaries, but especially the ones on Mark.Due to the exchange rate from dollars into our currency,it makes it unaffordable for him to buy these new.

Does anyone know where used copies of these could be purchased ?

Any help would really be appreciated,thank you.

Have you tried Amazon?

If you don’t mind saying,. which country are you in (or which part of the world, approximately?)

Or ebay?

In Africa.The exchange rate is approx 10:1.Have looked on ebay and Amazon,but the cost is still double digits in dollars,never mind exchange rate and the postage can be more than the cost of the books!.That’s the problem.

Guess I’m hoping someone might have a creative solution.Are any of these available on cd-rom?It might eliminate some of the postage costs too.


Did you try half.com or Alibris.com? We’ve been successful getting rare books from Alibris.

I didn’t find the exact title you were looking for, but maybe this might be a starting point for you:


I think you’ve bit off more than you can chew, these sorts of books generally are very expensive here in the USA. Unless you find them used or someone who wants to get rid of them, the prices are high. Who knows maybe you’ll stumble on the right place!

But your priest would be better off with a wealthy American benefactor for these kinds of purchases. The publishers’ prices for these books starts off at $30.00 at least and rapidly escalates.

If he wasn’t picky about what commentary he wanted, Navarre commentaries are much cheaper, about 10 bucks a piece, sometimes less used.

Also for most of the New Testament, the Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide is available for free in etext for on archive.org. There’s Dom Prosper Gueranger’s Liturgical year for free on Google Books too, though a bit different from Days that, they’re both a bit antique but very good substantively.

St. Anthony of Padua, ora pro nobis.

I think a lot of people here would like to help but there’s one thing I don’t understand. If you have already found the books from certain sources, but can’t purchase them because of the exchange rate, how would purchasing them from a different source make any difference? The prices would be relatively the same.

Perhaps some of the readers here know of people or parishes who have extra copies and could send them to you, or maybe you could find an organization which might be willing to help your parish by buying the books and sending them to your priest as gifts. That’s a very real possibility.

CDRom versions of scholarly books like these are often more expensive than the printed versions. There are often copyright restrictions which prohibit export of these CDs, so you would be taking a chance that customs officials won’t notice and prohibit them from going through the system.

Good idea! If there is anyone/parish who has a spare copy of any of these books they are willing to give our priest,please PM me.Thank you!

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