Where did God come from?


God is eternal, without beginning or end. He didn’t come from anywhere.

See: Thomas Aquinas

I didn’t know God came from Thomas Aquinas. :wink:

See Thomas Aquinas for an EXPLANATION. Better?:smiley:

If Yahweh didn’t come from anywhere why would he even bother to “start” the universe?

To manifest His glory and goodness by allowing others to participate in it.

It does beg the question of why an all powerful God would desire such a thing in the first place though, and what about the umpteen billion years before God thought to create life…what was he doing for all this time? If no one else existed anywhere, he was just alone somewhere for all that time?

  1. He did it because of Love.

  2. There were NO years before God created because time did not exist; moreover, God exists outside of time.

Ok the whole “exists outside of time” just is ridiculous. What does that mean to “exist out of time”?

Hum …declaring something “ridiculous” …yet in the very next breath noting that one does not know what is even meant.

Because it doesn’t make sense. Something “outside of time” has no meaning.

Hum again saying such - based on lack of knowledge. Dismissing something as ridiculous and at the same time stating stating one does not know that it means.

And here saying “it does not make sense” when …one does not know what it means.

Plenty of good sources from Philosophy to Theology out there about this truth of reality.

So, from a bit of Google-fu, god resides in another reality that can somehow interact with this reality but leaves no evidence of interacting with this reality. I would think that would violate some laws of physics.

Again…launching from lack of knowledge of the matter. Rather mistaken notions.

It does not help to jump off into something one does not know about-- into a comment.

(and simply googling something for a moment does not = per se knowledge or study of such a profound matter. Certainly not sufficient to comment so).

Please explain how they are mistaken.

No time (pun intended) :wink:

And a subject that can take a good deal of “time” to discuss.

But here is a nice little start


Again this is a subject treated in a good Catholic Philosophy or Catholic Theology resource…

So here is the definition of eternal: merriam-webster.com/dictionary/eternal

And for infinite: merriam-webster.com/dictionary/infinite

And the math definition of infinity: mathworld.wolfram.com/Infinity.html

Interestingly the guy who made the infinity in mathematics said this was a glimpse into God Who is infinite.

I don’t follow

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