Where did Harmony Media Go?

Does anyone know what happened to Harmony Media Inc. the makers of the CD ROM “Welcome to the Catholic Church”?

I have a new computer at work with the latest version of Windows and the disk will not load. When I went to their old site the domain is up for sale. I still see their products on other web sites but can not find a way to contact them directly.

Their website works for me. :confused:

Here is the page with the contact information:

But yes, the domain needs to be re-registered, so the website may become unavailable.

I will PM the contact information to you, just in case the webpage is unavailable. I don’t think we can post phone numbers and addresses here.

And their phone number has been disconnected.:frowning: guess I am out of luck.

It was a great resource, well I still have it on the laptop! :slight_smile:

I note that you said the “Welcome to the Catholic Church” on CD-Rom would not load on your computer. I have just used my copy for the first time in years on a new computer running Windows 7. You need to put the CD in the drive and then go to “Computer” or “My Computer” to get a listing of the available drives and find the CD/DVD player. Double Click on that drive to open it to view a list of files on the CD. Go to the bottom of the list and click on “Setup” and it will load it and make the contents available for you. Most of the information is still of value, but the Mass and Roman Missal have changed. I was hoping to get a newer version and started to search for Harmony Media. Haven’t had a chance to see if they are still in business yet. If I find anything, I’ll post the information.

This is an old thread.

My newest computer wouldn’t even recognize that the WttCC CD-rom was even a CD at all. :shrug:

I seem to remember hearing a few years back that the founder had passed on. It served me well for a number of years. Now I’ve switched over to Verbum. :o

Their new URL seems to be harmony-media-inc.software.informer.com/ .:thumbsup:

This site says that the product has been discontinued but it is downloadable from this site.


When I last spoke to the developer, Bill told me it was too much trouble to try to keep up with the Windows version upgrades and the technology upgrades going from 32-bit to 64-bit. It is a fantastic product that I loved for a long time. I wish someone would find a way to keep the product up to date. Ignatius Press had been a distributor, but when I last spoke to them they were not aware the product would not work on the latest technology.

I guess that’s the disadvantage of being a small operation in a fast moving tech world. I enjoyed “Welcome to the Catholic Church” until it no longer worked on my computer. Now I have been using Verbum, which is a much larger operation with many more resources, but is a bit more expensive. I made a mental transition from “Catholic software” (of which Harmony Media’s offerings were my benchmark for many years) to “digital library”. When I think about it in terms of buying digital books rather than software, the price tag doesn’t seem so shocking. :o

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