Where Did I Read that the Ancient Churches of the East (Oriental Orthodox) are Petitioning to Return Home to the Catholic Church?

I have been looking for a long time and I cannot remember where I read this. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

The ACoE are not exactly Oriental Orthodox.

One of their bishops was negotiating with both the Chaldean (Catholic) patriarch and the ACoE Patriarch, in an effort towards reunification. That bishop was Mar Bawai Soros.

He succeeded in attaining a decree of Common Christology through. The ACoE patriarch considered that far enough. Mar Bawai did not.

His views got him censured by the ACoE Synod, then Excommunicated. He and several thousand faithful, plus a couple dozen clerics, went into schism over the issue. They tried to retain their parish buildings. They were sued. I do not recall the outcome.

Mar Bawai and his faithful were received into the Chaldean Catholic Church last year. En masse. (bad pun, I know…)

An addendum: at least one of the Parishes retained its property and entered into the Catholic Communion completely. That is St. Thomas Parish of Seattle. I’ve visited there a couple of times since the Reunion, and they are very friendly and open to discussion about all of these matters. The Pastor, Chor-Bishop Michael Birnie, is the leader of the community, and has been a good friend and supporter of His Grace Bp. Mar Bawai-Soro.

It’s a small community, but we are fortunate to share the Faith with them. :slight_smile:

Peace and God bless!

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