Where did the emasculated male thread go?


Please forgive me if this question isn’t proper.

Did the “emasculated male” thread get moved to to a different section of the Board? Am I just being blind and missing it? I can’t even find a record of my posts (under my profile) for this thread, so now I’m going nuts and wondering if this thread was on another board. But I’m only on about four boards, and I really don’t think this thread was in the others!

I found it interesting, and I actually started a thread on one of my figure skating online boards about changing the image of skating to make it more “masculine.” The thread is going well so far.

Please tell me I’m not having a brain malfunction!


I noticed this morning that it was gone. I know that there were some hurt feelings at the end of it, so that is probably why.


I hope the hurt feelings weren’t my fault! I honestly thought the topic was interesting (even all the bathroom plumbing stuff!). It’s a very relevant topic in the Protestant world, where I still have many acquaintances and relatives.


The thread was pulled for moderator review. I was out of town this weekend and will review it shortly. If you have a question about where threads disappear to in the future, please PM the moderator of that forum. Thanks!

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