Where did we come from?

To my understanding, in the Mormon faith, they believe that we all lived with God in the “pre-existence” waiting for our turn to gain a physical body, live, die, & be resurrected united with our earthly bodies & return to live in heaven…
Is there such thing as a “pre-existance”? was there really the great war in heaven? What are the teachings of the Catholic Church in this regard?:confused:

Biology 101: sperm reaches ovum, magic ensues. According to Catholic teachings it’s around the moment of conception that our loving God puts an immortal soul into the embryo. That’s how much he loves us. Heartwarming, isn’t it?


God created the universe; made man in his own image with a human soul that has free will; man sinned (fell from grace) and sin was thereby brought into the world; God created a covenant with Man; God fulfilled the covenant by sending his Son into the world; Through his Son, God created a new covenant; His Son, Christ, died for the salvation of all (redemption); This new covenant lives on in the Christian faith.

Our souls are created at our conception.

No, we didn’t pre-exist. We were in the mind of God, but weren’t created until the time of our conception.

About the battle in heaven…that did exist. It was when the bad angels rebelled, led by Lucifer, who wanted to be like God and not subserviant to Him. The archangel Michael stood up to Lucifer.

Yet we have been known by God for eternity, before he spoke us into existence.

This subject is at the heart of LDS theology and immediately separates them from Christianity by teaching that we, as “intelligences” are co-eternal with God. We exist of our own power, apart from God. The life in which we find ourselves now was chosen by us before we were born. The influence of this belief colors nearly every subsequent LDS doctrine.

Ex nihilo


Teachings are historic, how about yours? Where do they come from?

It’s been a long process of ‘de-programming’ from the LDS mindset & I know that I have much more to learn & understand of the Catholic teachings. I probably sound a bit naive asking these questions but I do feel that I need a lot of clarification as the catechism at times can be a bit hard to interpret.

Good on ya, mate! :thumbsup:


It will come. :slight_smile:

Associated to the idea of pre-existence in Mormonism:

  • angels don’t become human
  • humans don’t become angels
  • angels and humans don’t become god(s)

Pre-existence and these associated teachings are unique to Mormonism.

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