Where did you go on your Honeymoon?


Where did you go for your honneymoon?

Was it a long trip or short, far away or close?

Thrifty or extravagant?

Would you do it again or do you wish you’d done it differently?

and the kicker…

do you think having a honeymoon is important?

I’m just curious:p



Venice, Florence and Rome for 2 weeks!

Best time of my life. Would do it again 1000000x times over.


Disney World - for a week. :slight_smile: Best week!!! We’d definitely do it again. :slight_smile:

Importance of a honeymoon - hmmmmm. Guess that depends on the couple. Some people just don’t care about going away at all and would rather hide out at home for a week (which, really, is their honeymoon, just not in the stereotypical sense).

As far as expense, our honeymoon (plane tickets, park tickets, hotel, rental car) was a gift from both sets of parents. We paid for the wedding ourselves, and they were itching like mad to pitch in for stuff, so we made the suggestion that they go in 1/2 & 1/2 on the honeymoon as our gift. They jumped at the chance. :thumbsup: Any money we spent while there though was ours and ours alone.



Took a month off from work for our honeymoon.

Flew out of one of the NY airports and first stop was Germany to visit family… only for 1 day! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then flew out into Athens Greece. Spent 1 week there doing the sightseeing of the ancient sites.

Then off to Mycenae for more sightseeing of the ancient sites.

Then off to the mountains to tour via canoe the water caves and see stalagmites & stalactites.

Then off to the island of Paros via ferry. Spent a week there.

Then off again to the island of Santorini and spent the remainder of 2 weeks there.

Man of man, not only it was a great honeymoon but a great vacation and since I’m fascinated by anchient Greek stuff, I was thrilled beyond anything.


Fun thread!!!

We were 21 (way back in 1974!!!) Our first stop, for three days, was Cape Cod, which was just an hour or so away. We stopped in to see my dear great aunt, who was in her 90s, to give her my bouquet. We then spent a couple relaxing days just resting up and being amazed at being married, and college graduates (10 days earlier.)

We then flew (only my 3rd flight ever) to Shannon, Ireland, and toured around for a week, visiting the West coast and driving cross country (about 3 hours!) to Dublin. It was a scary time, as I believe there were IRA hunger strikes going on and there had been some acts of violence in the Republic, if I recall.

For the second week, we flew to London from Dublin. Even my husband got a little airsick, as the plane must have been flown by a former RAF pilot; we both remember a very steep descent and were most relieved to be on the ground. We stayed near Kings Cross, and I remember a little lady scurrying into the room every morning with our tea, corn flakes and roll (breakfast was always included back then, even in inexpensive hotels like that one - London Tara at the time, I think.) We visited the London Zoo, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace…just adored it.

My sweet in-laws gave us the honeymoon as their wedding gift and the total was $379/person, including airfare, car in Ireland, vouchers for B&Bs in Ireland, and the week’s hotel in London!!! That’s when we were bitten by the travel bug, and are still in love with traveling; London is still up there with our favorite places. When the girls came along, we just toted them with us!

I will always be grateful to the late in-laws for their wonderful, memorable gift of that honeymoom.


Sounds divine! Santorini is heaven on earth, I think.


Nope. No honeymoon. We couldn’t afford one and no one gave us one. We got married on the Saturday of Memorial Day, were told we couldn’t leave town because we had to open presents on Sunday in front of everyone while everyone ate popravini (the leftovers from the wedding day before). We drove to our “home” (apartment) 6 hours away and my DH went to work on Tuesday.

I was never a “hearts and flowers” type of person and seldom feel romantic. We knew each other from college, where we saw each other every day and married a year after graduation. There wasn’t too much adjustment, as we talked about pretty much everything to prepare for future circumstances.

Would it have been nice to get a vacation at some wonderful place? Yes, by all means! So, we get vacations now.

A honeymoon is a nice bonus, and maybe people should have one so they don’t feel like they’re missing out on something that almost everyone gets.

But just because everyone else is jumping off a cliff doesn’t mean you do too . . .


My husband planned our honeymoon as a surprise for me - I had NO idea on Earth where we were going. In fact, he made me get my passport… just in case… :smiley:

We ended up catching the TRAIN up to Washington DC and spent 3 days there - actually in the same hotel where there was a National Bishops Conference happening that same week - we met a LOT of Bishops and had random blessings given in the elevators! :slight_smile:
Then we took the train up to Manhattan and stayed there another 3 days. We even ate pizza at the top of the World Trade Center (early Jan 2001)!
It was NOT an extravagance at all, in fact we had to grab all our wedding gift cards in hopes that it would help pay for some of our nice dinners out, but it was WONDERFUL - filled with such fabulous memories!
I think honeymoons are important, but they certainly don’t have to be anything expensive or enormous. I think it’s important because it allows the couple to focus on each other in a celebratory way - why shouldn’t we want to celebrate after receiving that sacrament!?! :slight_smile:

BTW - I never needed to use my passport… the train was rather non-international! :rolleyes: My passport is STILL in my maiden name and was only used to cross the border into Canada at Niagara Falls once - back when we didn’t even really need a passport to cross over… :o:p


Since my dh and I are non-recovering workaholics it was absolutely important. We went to timeshare condo three hours away from the airport in Costa Rica on the Pacific side. We rented horses from a local farmer, went swimming, rock climibing, the whole bit. The best part is that we were so far off the beaten path we did not do anything with a tourist group we did it together and that made an adventure. It was absolutely gorgeous. I would do it again in a heartbeat.



Fun topic! Hah jmcrea, I know where Emerald Lake is!

My DH was more interested in the honeymoon than the wedding event itself. He set it all up.

We started out in Amsterdam to see the city where I was born, but hadn’t been back to since I was 1.5 years old!

Then a week later, we went to London for two nights and then to Calabria, Italy for another week.

Then we flew into Paris and spent three night ( not enough! ) and back on the Eurostar up the chunnel to London for our last night.

I am kind of a princess about travelling so I complained a bit here and there, but now that I look back, I am so glad we did it as I know with kids and what not, we will never have that experience ever again! It was so worth every penny!

We were being way over extravagant. We had a rented car and hotels the whole way.



We were married on June 30, 1973 in Baltimore, Md.

The first 3 days of honeymoon were spent in Gettysburg, Pa where we rented a cabin in the woods… Hickory Bridge Farm is the name of the establishment. Look it up on line to see the price of a weekend stay at 2009 prices… We stayed for $22 per night.

A friend of mine owned a mobile home in a state park in Maryland… He gave us the keys for a few night stay.

On July 4th we traveled to Atlantic City, NJ… Before casinos… We were able to spend a few nights in a room, on the boardwalk, at the Ramada, Inn. which had a roof top swimming pool… That Ramada Inn is no longer there, I think it’s been replaced by a casino (naturally)

Then the last few days we went to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ to enjoy some time on the beach.

It was fun and well within our tight little budget…

Yes, I would do it all over again… Except for Atlantic City, which isn’t the same as 1973.

It was a very important week in our married life… Married couples need time to start a marriage right, by getting away (somewhere alone)…



does NOT go to bluerose and spouse!

We went to Niagara Falls!

Now keep in mind, we got married in El Paso, TX… and DROVE to Niagara Falls… in a Nissan pickup truck… with no air conditioning… in July of 1988 (the year of the huge drought… we crossed the Mississippi in St. Louis and it was MUD!)

DH had saved up enough money from a gov’t contract job to pay for the honeymoon. Three days in NF, followed by three days in Washington, D.C. Three days’ travel on either end. It was fun!


No where. We were poor and DH had just started a job, so he had to go to work on Monday. We actually have NEVER gone on a trip together alone (other than a drive to New Hampshire last year for DH’s company. He had to pick something up and drive it home the next day so I went along for the ride).

Soooo, there is rumor that DH is getting a big promotion within the next year and if he does this will be a priority. We need to just do it. Man, the hard part will be agreeing on a place to go. DH wants to go to Alaska, I want the beach. :rolleyes:


We had a mini-moon. We did not go out of town after the wedding. My husband had just immigrated from England, and after the expense of getting him here and the wedding costs we just didn’t want to spend thousands more just to go out of town. Besides, we had been 3,000 miles apart for nearly our entire engagement, so going away together was not important to us. We were just happy to be in the same time zone. :smiley:

Was it a long trip or short, far away or close?

For our first anniversary we went back to England for two weeks - it was a delayed honeymoon.

Thrifty or extravagant?

Right after the wedding it was totally thrifty!! The following year we made up for that. :wink:

Would you do it again or do you wish you’d done it differently?

We would not change a thing - it was totally perfect.

do you think having a honeymoon is important?

I have never really understood the intense need to “get away”. We were just so happy to finally be together it did not matter where we were. But I guess for some folks it might be important. :shrug:



LOL masondoggy, your dh can argue that Alaska has a beach :p.

Now to answer the questions:

Where did you go for your honneymoon?
Winnipeg Canada, we stayed in the Historic Winnipeg Hotel. We were married Dec. 30, 1978 and drove there from Grand Forks, ND. This was one of the coldest winters w/lots of snow and blizzards (it had actually blizzarded two days before our Wedding).

Was it a long trip or short, far away or close?

Short trip, relatively close. Winnipeg is only about 2.5-3 hrs. from where we got married.

Thrifty or extravagant?

A little of both, we started at a Best Western the night of our Wedding and then drove up to Winnipeg the next day. Our first night there we stayed in the Honeymoon Suite, very expensive but the heat didn’t work very well. To save money we bought our breakfast foods (no, no free breakfast there) and we put the cold stuff in the window and woke up to frozen orange juice! The second and third night we stayed in one of the regular rooms which was quite interesting because the bed took up most of the floor space in that room.

We spent our days going to the museum and checking out the stores like Hudson Bay (very old store, started by fur traders).

Would you do it again or do you wish you’d done it differently?

Yes, I would do it again. I would do nothing differently.

and the kicker…

do you think having a honeymoon is important?

I agree with some others that this is a good time for a couple to start their marriage in intimacy without interruptions.

Brenda V.


We had intended to go to the Caribbean for our Honeymoon, but decided to change to Hawaii. My dw Aunt worked for Continental Airlines so she gave us airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental US. So we only had to pay for LA to Hawaii. We choose not to go to the Caribbean because we got married Jan. 8, 2000. I was confident that the US wouldn’t have problems, but I wasn’t so sure about the small countries in the Caribbean.

We loved Hawaii and will be going back at some point.


Sounds just lovely, and relaxing.


While it may be a while - or never - before you can take an “extravagant” trip, don’t assume that you can’t travel abroad with children. You most certainly can, with careful planning. We did from the time our older daughter was 20 months - back to London, which we loved so much on our honeymoon, and other parts of England. We rented a camper and drove like nuts from London all the way up to Inverness in Scotland - wonderful trip!!! It helped that our daughter was the best child, ever, thank God!!!

The honeymoon does NOT have to end just because you have kids! :wink:

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