Where did you meet your significant other?


I thought of this topic as a spinoff from the one about whether men and women should be friends first before dating.

So far I've come up with...

  1. School
  2. Work
  3. Church
  4. Activity or Ministry (such as pro-life)
  5. Through Friends/Blind Date
  6. Internet
  7. Bar
  8. Other

Another question would be, how long did you know this person before you started dating?



We met in high school. We had 2 classes together. We knew each other about 3 months before we started "dating"...


College sweathearts :p


We met right away freshman year of college, but didn’t start officially dating for about 3 months as he had mono and didn’t want to get me sick (but I never got sick anyways, must have had it as a kid)
We dated for 5 years, were engaged for 1 year and now have been married almost 2 months. So we’ve known each other for just over 6 years :smiley:


I met my late husband at a high school football game (he was from the other school). I met my late fiancé in a local bar (he was in the band).



Ave Maria Singles :thumbsup:


I met my fiancee on catholicmatch.com. We talked online and on the phone for about two months before meeting in person in January of '09. I proposed after Christmas of '09 and we’ll be married in May 2011. I couldn’t be happier.



A punk bar. He was still very English then and had on a skinny tie. :D


Met while refilling a drink at a restaurant/bar, or was it a bar/restaurant. Talked for awhile & starting dating the next day. The place was converted into a more respectable establishment - one w/out bouncers, & a smoke machine. We've gone through major changes as well, that resulted from regular Eucharistic Adoration.


Graduate school! He was in seminary while I was getting my moral theology masters. Became best friends, he discerned out after I left, we had stayed friends, and...the rest is history! :thumbsup:


I met my Grant at Church; I've known him forever. He's 20 months younger than me...his first memory is from when I was a fourth grader [he was a third grader]...I don't remember that, but he does...

We did youth group and such together...we hung out some my sophomore/his freshman year, but I was dating someone else. Started hanging out right about Thanksgiving some the following year and were more or less together by Christmas...officially started "dating" January 4th, I had just turned 17, he was 15.5. We've been together for almost three years now...are hoping to get engaged soon....and are working on planning a December of 2011 wedding....


Despite all the warnings I've heard about dating coworkers, I did meet my husband at work. We knew each other only on a very casual level for about a year before he asked me out; I wouldn't even say that we were friends. We dated for 8 months, were engaged for 6 more, and have been married for 4 years.



I worked for the IL office and he worked for the MI office. I traveled to MI to install a phone system and he was the engineer assigned from MI to work with me. We worked together for about 3 months before we realized we really liked each other. He transferred 7 months later and we have been married 9.5 years.


We met completely by chance. He brought me a letter from the man I was dating at the time who had to cancel our date due to extenuating circumstances. :)

We were friends for 3 years before we started dating, dated 10 months before becoming engaged, and were engaged for almost 2 years before we got married. We've been happily married for 8 1/2 years. :)


A Bar/ Restaurant!

He was the doorman.

My best friend was unofficially dating one of his friends (they'd met online) and she dragged me on an hour long car ride and then started talking about him and how perfect he would be for me on the way over.

He asked for my number and called me the next day and the day after that we went on our first date. He proposed five months later and we were married on the one year anniversary of our first date.

And it's been a wonderful whirlwind since then!


So technically school, but in way, mass. (I voted school.)

We (and a ton of other CS majors) were in four classes together last fall, and although I talked to him a fair amount then, it wasn't until I went to mass at the Catholic Newman Center (I'm from the town we go to college in, so I was going to mass at my parish. He'd been going there all year, but I didn't know until the week before I went there. Otherwise, I'd have been going there too, for at least the month and a half prior!) that things started to head meaningfully in the relationship direction. That was about 50 weeks ago. First date on February 18th, and became an official couple on April 4th. Planning to get married next February (2012). :)


I met my boyfriend, at university, so I voted "school".

He was on the same nursing course as me. When I met him, I fancied him and so did my friend. However, my friend was already seeing a two other men. Two wasn't enough for her apprently, so she started dating my future boyfriend as well as two other guys! After one date with her, he started to be suspicious. So me and him started talking properly since we first met. He asked me if my friend was seeing other people. At this point they had gone to lunch together once, and were planning their 2nd date. I said that yes, she was - I had got tired of being used by her.

He ended it with that friend, and me and him continued to talk and eventually we started dating. My friend never forgave me for it. I know that he wanted to get back at my friend, and that might have been some of the motivation for getting with me, but I think that might have been part of my motive (she hurt me by going with him even though she knew I liked him, and she hurt him by cheating), as well as not having any genuine male attention for a long time. I know that at first I showed off about having him, and he did the same. That friend and her mates used to taunt me a lot about how my boyfriend was "using" me to get back at her.

Well, we've been together for just over a year now :p he's very romantic and spoils me with expensive presents. :D We never see that friend any more, and I've never felt so secure. At least its an interesting story to tell kids if we ever go that far. :p


I met my husband through an online Christian dating site, we will be married for two years next month.


My dh and I met when we were both 16 at our first job, a Herfy's hamburger place lol. We were just co-workers for 7 months before we started dating. We married at 18 after we graduated high school in August. We have been married for 33yrs.


i met my wonderful hubby online!!! in a chat room!!!

we are going on 11 years of marriage, and 2 beautiful, smart daughters:D

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