Where did you recieve your Catholic Education


Just curious to see where evreyone learned what they know abou the Catholic Faith and what you thought of it.


You can’t make these choices separate. I learned at home, at Catholic school, at retreats, on Relevant radio, and through prayer. One can’t be exclusive of the other.


I would say at home, church, EWTN television and Relevant Radio. I did go through 8 years of Catholic School but did not learn much. Here are excellent outlets to learn more about the faith…

Relevant Radio relevantradio.com/docs/index.asp

EWTN Radio ewtn.com/

Catholic Answers www2.catholic.com/radio/calendar.php?type=month&calendar=1&category=0&month=01&year=2006

Life on the Rock ewtn.com/rock/SearchForm.htm

The World Over ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/SeriesSearchprog.asp?SeriesID=-6892288&NewList=&T1=world~over

The Journey Home ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/SeriesSearchprog.asp?SeriesID=-6892289&NewList=&T1=journey

The New Evangelization Speaker Series faceofchrist.org



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From a patient priest, and from reading the Catechism (C.C.C.), and from various books and pamphlets, and from talking to a few Catholics I met along the way. And (by far, not the least) through prayer.


From my parents and Catholic schools. My parents really believed in having a domestic church in the home. We said the Rosary daily, the Angelus, first Friday Mass, daily Mass during Lent etc. We celebrated different feast days, made a shrine to Our Lady in May, had a Jesse Tree in Advent. In other words, we celebrated the chruch year.
Primary school was pretty good, especially my 2nd grade teacher, Sr. Columcille, and 6th grade teacher, Sr. Emmanuel. They both had a very joyful attitude to prayer and made prayer part of every school day. Secondary school was Catholic and we had 3 religious classes a week but didn’t learn much. However, we did read a lot of the Bible and discuss it but we never really studied the CCC for example.
These forums have helped greatly too.



From my grandmother (who is also my godmother) - I think her prayers played a big part in my eventually becoming (fully) Catholic; from these forums, and newadvent.com; and from the CCC and other books.


I grew up going to CCD on Saturday mornings. Can’t say I remember much. Most of what I know, I learned on my own as an adult. —KCT


I went to 12 years of Catholic school, but it was a very basic education that I received there. I have learned so much about my faith in the past five years from my lovely wife, and listening to Fr. Corapi, Fr. Larry Richards, Christopher West, etc, etc, etc and reading different books. It is tough to depend on a Catholic school to give you the “hard facts” of the Catholic church.


I was educated in Catholic schools, but never had a good understanding of my faith until I started reading books by Catholic apologists (Keating, Hahn, Currie, etc.). Some Jehovah’s witnesses came by a while ago, and I invited them in. One of them was a former Catholic who was educated in Catholic schools, and he was astonished to hear the arguments of our apologists. He had never been exposed to them in his formative years. It’s time that Catholic schools corrected this deficiency.


EWTN/Catholic radio and our local public library.


Where is “All of the above”?


My Catholic school was near-useless when it came to religious education. Anything I’ve learned has been in personal study at home, from Catholic radio, from various excellent people at my current parish, and these forums.


Prior to attending RCIA classes, I learned from the things that I heard from friends, in the media, and books. RCIA is the main foundation of my Catholic education and I think it has been excellent. In addition to RCIA, I will be attending 5 years of Bible study at my parish church, a ton of books I love to collect, EWTN, the Internet and from more knowledgeable and experienced Catholic friends.


Since I wasn’t in Catholic school, I’d say three of the 4 options there.

That’s one thing about the Catholic Faith - I’m constantly learning, and doubt it will stop during my lifetime!


my story is pretty typical of cradle catholics. I grew up and went to mass and recieved the sacraments and had a small amount of knowlage of them.I sorda fell away from the church in collage. always called myself catholic and hated it when people whould say bad stuff about the church. a few years ago, mass was offered at collage and I started going back and started getting into discussions with my protestant sister. I started doing research and listening to catholic radio and reading books. so it was no one place in particular, although some of the great shows on EWTN have helped tramendously! and I joined an adult catholic women’s bible study.


I went through 12 years of Catholic school, I went to church every
week since I was five years old. I have gone on retreats, read
books, listen to Catholic radio and of course I love EWTN.

Catholic radio and EWTN really gave me a much deeper love
and appreciation for the church. :slight_smile:


[quote=SeekerJen]My Catholic school was near-useless when it came to religious education. Anything I’ve learned has been in personal study at home, from Catholic radio, from various excellent people at my current parish, and these forums.

I’m sorry your Catholic school was not more helpful. Was it after the time when nuns were the majority faculty members?


HOLY SMOKE!! Literally!

You are SOOOOO causing me to fall into the sin of envy! That’s the most tremendous speaking schedule I’ve ever seen! I have no idea how anyone could live within 100 miles of that parish without being completely Catholic.

Simply unbelievable.

God Bless,

Go to the link, then click the “Archive” tab on the left to see what I’m raving about.


I learned a lot of what I know about the Catholic faith from being homeschooled (I use the Seton program). Also EWTN is so informative.


Reading the Doctors of the Church, the bible, and seminary texts. Also a few encyclicals, denzinger, and Vat2 docs. Everything else has just been a very small piece here and there. Well, except for prayer.

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