Where do Church Fathers write of Baptism in the Spirit?


I’m just curious if the “Baptism of the Spirit,” as done within charismatic circles, has roots in the tradition of the Church. I am supposed to go through a Life in the Spirit seminar within the upcoming weeks. I’m really excited, but at the same time I’m a bit afraid. I’m afraid because the Baptism in the Spirit appears to be only a recent development in the Church.

I guess what I’m also afraid is that I am supposed to already have the Holy Spirit in me, and yet I supposedly need this Baptism in the Spirit to manifest the gifts of the Spirit. I don’t really understand. I was baptized as a child, so why can’t I speak tongues?

I know there is a good book out there called Christian Initiation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Has anyone read this book? Does it good evidence for the Baptism of the Spirit from the Church Fathers and early Christian literature? Which Fathers?

I just want to make sure I’m doing something that is completely all right. :smiley:


Hi, baptism in the Spirit has always been church teaching just read John 3 and Eph 4 and John 7 as well as Acts 2. I think what you are talking about is ‘slain’ in the spirit. This is an new development from a charasmatic standpoint and there is no biblical evidence for it.

As far as speaking in tongues is concerned, don’t be. There are three gift lists in the N.T. and tongues are one of many that the Holy Spirit gives. Read 1Cor 12 and you will see that not everyone was supposed to speak in tongues. You have gifts from God, use them for Him and you’ll do fine:)


Baptism in the Spirit is very real and you do not need to go to one of the Charismatic seminars to experience it. This “baptism” is a real gift from God. It is a gift of grace. If God wants to give it, then it will happen.

There is evidence of Baptism in the Spirit in the Scripture - as in the day of Pentecost as well as at the baptism of Cornelius.

However, it might be a good idea to be aware of the effects of Montanism since this is the early Church forerunner of the Pentecostal movement and its emphasis upon speaking in tongues.

You do not need to speak in tongues to be Baptised in the Holy Spirit. It must be remembered that we acknowledge that on the day of our Baptism that the gifts of the Holy Spirit were received by us. We must also acknowledge that on the day of our Confirmation that we also received the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Yet being baptised in the Spirit is being caught on fire for the Lord.

Yes, I have had an experience. It was not at one of those seminars. It was not at a Healing Mass held by Fr. Peter Rookey. It happened on an ordinary Monday morning in 1999 when I was a lector and proclaiming the Word of God on that morning. I can still remember the joy of that moment.

Go along to the seminar and do not expect anything to happen. You might be surprised at the graces that you will receive through your participation.


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