Where do I belong


Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a priest but I tried to run away from it untill I turned 18 when I embraced it and started looking into religious orders and diocesen seminary I wanted to be a priest because all I ever wanted to was help people I always had a knack for people coming to me with their issues and some way or another I always had a way to help them people saw me as a mentor a father figure more then a peer so being a priest seemed like the choice that would suit me and make me happy and it did learning more about the church and what my dutites would entail was the happiest I ever was in my life but with all my happiness I was blocked at every turn from events in my life to priests telling me I’m not ready and then my father died and I had to take a bigger role in my family to take care of them and in those years I have experienced a lot, felt a loss of faith in the churchs role in my life more times then I cared to count but through it all I never stopped thinking of the priesthood I know my role in my life but in the church or not is something that I must come to realize soon because in the 22 years I have been on God’s green earth I need a direction so that I can finnally do what I have always been meant to do be a shepard of the people


I encourage you to look for a spiritual director to talk about these things. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to contact your diocese’s vocations director. You could begin looking seriously into religious orders as well, since you mentioned that as a possibility.

These things are in addition to bunches of prayer, and quiet time alone with God in Adoration, if possible!


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