Where do I find a Missal in Latin/English?


My mother is begging me to give her a Christmas gift idea (even though I insist that I don’t want anything). I finally broke down and asked for a Missal. I’m looking for one in Latin/English that covers both the tridentine and novas ordo if such a thing exists. It would have to transportable/carry easy. I have no idea what to look for in type or version. Please help and thanks.

*Funny side note: Because I’m a big firearms enthusiast she gave me the weirdest look and thought I wanted a missile. Lol.


Well I worked for Verbum/Logos for awhile and I searched for one to see if we could publish it digitally with permissions. From what I could find it took pulling from several eras to get all the missals and two collections. Sadly I do not know if there is one book that covers exactly what you want.

(The one above is one I sold, you can use it to find the hard print versions since credit is given on the page)


That looks very thorough and I’ll look into it some more. Thanks for the input.


Good luck I am sure you will find something that will work for your needs.


I have one from the CTS with the OF in Latin and the new English translation.


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