Where do I go from here?


So I went to my friends Confirmation at the Easter vigil, and I guess something clicked in me, because during the consecration, I just started tearing up. One of the ladies there told me to take ot as a sign to come back to the Church…

So now that I’m committing to making a comeback, what am I supposed to do from here? I was baptized as a baby, so that knocks out one requirement.

Thanks for assisting me


Welcome home!

One or two questions, were you confirmed and did you receive first communion?

If you did, then you only need to go to confession. It was how I returned after a 22 year absence.

If you weren’t confirmed and did not receive the sacraments, ask to speak to the priest of your parish. He will be happy to put you on the right path.


I haven’t been confirmed, and I haven’t had my first communion either. I did take CCD classes until I was five or so ( I’m twenty) until sports and school took priority.

I did send the head of the RCIA program at the church an email, and I guess I’m going to go talk to him next Tuesday.


Welcome home. The Holy Spirit moved you. You should discuss this further with a Priest who will be able to give you proper guidance & direction in your next steps. God bless you.


If you’re to see about RCIA, you’re on the right track. That’s wonderful!



First off, welcome to CAF!
Second, I’m glad you are going to see the head RCIA person. I was moved during the “Gloria” to tears. :smiley: and I’m now considering becoming a part of my local Lay Dominican Order. :cool:

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That is the right move, he will tell you what to do. In the meantime you can get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read a little each day. You should also start attending Mass at least on Sundays and Holydays, read a few pages of the New Testment each day, beginning with the Gospels ( and don’t worry that you don’t understand everything, that will come over the years of being an active Catholic. And get a simple prayer book for young adults ( see your local Catholic bookstore ), you should have a regular program of Morning, Afternoon, and Evening prayer - so God can get to know you again :).



Thanks everyone. I’m going to attend one od the classes on Tuesday just to ger a feel for it, and I’m also going to try to ger to services on Sundays. Being the weekend guy at my jib makes it tough, but I’ll find a way.

Where can I get a copy of the Catechism, and that young adult prayer book? I think those would really help.


I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you. From a neighbor Nevadan.


Amazon should carry them or maybe you could borrow a copy from RCIA. Welcome Home! Next Easter Vigil your friend will be there for YOU. :cool:


He may be my sponsor, since I really don’t know anyone else… I really hope I can stick with this the whole way…


A Catholic bookstore would carry a variety of prayer books. Either a brick and mortar one or an online one such as Aquinas and More. There are lots of choices, just find one that fits your state in life and interests.


They would also carry the Catechism but there is an online version too. It’s also on the Vatican website but this one is searchable.



Welcome home :slight_smile:

What I really want is for you to be prepared for some things. Namely, that you will run into things that make you grimace, or worse, because they are not things that you believe, but they are things that the Church affirms. It’s very likely to happen to most of us who are embroiled in the world. Now, in the future, and in the past.

Catholicism, like a real and true, deeply spiritual Catholicism, is very much counter-culture to the way the world works.

I only hope that you trust first, and remember the Scripture. “There is a way that seems good to a man, but it’s end is the way of death,” “Rest not on your own understanding,” and “There was no king in Israel in those days; each man did what was right according to his own eyes.”

Trust in the Church of Christ! When you have questions or need things clarified because they are hard to accept (remember, many of Christ’s own followers abandoned him when he said that they must eat his body and drink his blood!) come back here for help.

Peace of Christ! :thumbsup:


I will say a prayer for you. It’s wonderful that you’re feeling this pull to return to the Church. God bless you in your journey!

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