Where do I turn?


I asked to arrange a meeting with my priest, and during the session I felt very rushed, I tried to make my point 3 times and I was interrupted with tangents. He said things I didn’t bring up, about Mormonism and Islam and I was kind of shocked how they were put down. I have many friends of both those religions. I left the meeting (which was to discuss an outreach idea and to bring up my concerns within my faith) feeling more confused and counter productive. What just happened? And where do I go for help? Another priest? Bishop? I just wanted some one to listen. I have concerns about my faith (as Anyone would who is learning and trying to understand vast concepts) and I felt down that my concerns were not resolved or even addressed. Ideas?


Many times people want to speak to a priest and leave bewildered.
Is it possible that he simply told you what you did not want to hear?
Is it possible that your idea was not feasible for some reason?
I would wait a bit before I discarded his words entirely.
Pray about it. Maybe with some distance it will make more sense to you.
Going around looking for someone to agree to your thoughts is not necessarily productive.
I have really no idea what your idea was. But I would strongly urge you to pray over it some more. True, some priests are more personable than others…but all desire your spiritual well being. They really do.


You might have felt rushed if the priest squeezed you in and maybe had to go for other obligations. Without knowing the priest or your conversation with him, there isn’t a way to judge what happen. Plus trying to offer ideas for outreach and then squeeze in concerns with your own faith questions can come off as confusing. One suggestion I would have for you is if you have questions about your faith, I would spend time on the internet at sites like this or other educational Catholic web sites to look up your questions and find answers. Plus there is EWTN and if you have Catholic radio in your area, listen to that. Some priests are better at personal counseling than others but if you have faith concerns the best answer is not trying to see a busy priest but read, listen and watch.


Priests are people like you and me; they can have off days like we do. Have patience and mercy as you would want someone else to be patient and merciful with you.

BTW what was your outreach idea? I’d like to know. God Bless you.


Go to another priest. I would be willing to listening if you want me to.


Do you know this priest well? Do you find him to be a good, holy priest? You probably know better than us whether or not this is just his personality, and whether or not he was “having an off day”. I’m not assuming anything bad about the priest, but just observing that, in your case, he might have not done a good job just listening, especially since you mentioned he “interrupted with tangents”. I personally would probably try to find another priest whom you know to be good and holy, unless you feel sure that this priest will be able to help you if you try again/give him another chance.

I wish you luck. I think I understand what you are feeling - when I have mustered up the courage to talk to a priest in the past, there have been times where not only did I leave feeling a little confused, but also I knew his advice wasn’t the best (although there was probably a reason for that which I won’t go in to). Sometimes you really do just have to try different priests. In any case, I’ll keep you in my prayers.


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