Where do most Catholics get their news?

Hi all, always wondered what networks and shows Catholics watch to get their news. Do they watch a lot of Fox or more mainstream networks like NBC?

Anywhere but Fox News.

I get news from several different sources to get a more complete view of what’s going on. I don’t have television so my sources are primarily internet based, even “radio.”

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I’m not a TV person. I listen to NPR.


CAF?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::dizzy_face::scream:


My local media station, National Catholic Register, Catholic News Agency, CBS, NPR…

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Newspaper? NYT, WP, Local
Catholic? Diocese print

No radio & podcast it’s impossible to use for me.

No Fox News. Period.

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I use the New Yorker, Fox, NPR, Reason, Asia Times, FEE, National Review, Daily Wire, and CNN usually.

Sure, if its on CAF it HAS to be true…


asia times? what lead you there?



or here


or here

National Catholic Register, EWTN Radio, NPR, One America News (though I disagree with them quite a bit, they do report on a lot of stuff CNN and Fox don’t), Al-Bushra (Arab Catholic news from the Mid East), Notes On Arab Orthodoxy (and links), various independent internet stuff.

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I ignore the media. Even Catholic news. News is news, and sensationalism always creeps in.

Rather, I listen to rumor, innuendo, neighborhood gossip and small children. It’s usually more accurate anyway.


the off topic threads on various sports boards are “right up to the minute” on local breaking news stories

police, fire fighters & eyewitnesses who post on the board for the “sports content” often go to to the “off topic” portion of the sports board when “news” is happening right before their eyes…

Fox News and some Catholic pages on instagram.

Asia is an important region. I like to stay updated on it.

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You think I have time to watch “a lot” of anything?

I look at my Facebook feed every morning hoping to see some funny cat pictures, and if some big news happened it’s usually in the Trending topics box in the margin somewhere between the latest Hollywood celeb to get accused of sex crimes and some update on a sports team.

Later in the day when I get bored I might look at the CNN page for a minute. If I’m fortunate there will be something amusing there in between the 80 percent of stories about Trump’s twitter.

When I’m in the car driving for 6 hours and need a little break from praying Rosaries and Divine Mercies and am out of range of We Are One Body Radio, I’ll tune in NPR or BBC for a while.

If there’s a weather warning or a local murder or fire, I usually hear about it on the community social media group first and then watch the local news.

Other than that I can live without news for the most part. 90 percent of it nowadays involves pundits giving opinions and is a giant boring waste of my precious time.

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I used to watch FOX when I had cable. I try to listen to Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity and
Mark Levin a few hours during the week. And I get news from the Drudge Report
and Newsmax.

I go to Fox News. I see a lot of news on Twitter too.

TV Channels: CNN, BBC World, Channel News Asia, Bloomberg.

I like the Atlantic, and I typically just look at Fox or CNN headlines and then try to find any other source for actual information. Fox isn’t as bad as CNN/MSNBC/NBC etc. but pretty much all cable news is anymore is networks catering to their viewers bias and telling them what they want to hear to keep ratings up.

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