Where do you buy rosaries?




Look for a local catholic retail store. Also there are many sites online. Sometimes you can find someone local that makes them.


Okay, maybe this will sound stupid, but do they come different for men and women or is it just a one size fits all type thing? :confused:


There are no stupid questions. :slight_smile: They come in a variety of materials so you can choose one that looks more “manly” if you like.

If you click here you can get one made of olive wood, sent to you free from the Holy Land, just pay $4.99 for shipping.


If you go to Rosary Army you can request one free handmade twine knotted rosary. You can also learn to make them yourself!


LOL :smiley:

A priest once was getting me a Rosary in the chapel at the Catholic college I attended. He asked what color I wanted and then stopped and said, “Never mind, real men use black rosaries”. He was joking.

They come in many materials, colors and so on. Choose one you like.

It is a wonderful spiritual devotion. There are also many different meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary. You can search on EWTN (and many other sites) and will find printable booklets. It is scriptural prayer and will bless you.


I made my own using their excellent instructions. :slight_smile:


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I got one with beasds of hematite that was very masculine looking.


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