Where do you buy your books?


Hello all,

This is an odd question to ask on a Catholic forum but where do you buy your books from? Amazon is a no-no for me because the shipping charges are huge (to ship to my country).


I buy my books from Amazon because I can’t afford the prices anywhere else. No shipping charges in this country. What country are you in? Shipping charges from most other sources would be higher than Amazon’s I’m afraid. What a shame. Not sure about E-bay, but you could look into it.


Like @glorybe I use Amazon mostly .


I don’t buy many books but over the past couple of years I’ve bought ebooks for kindle and kobo. They are usually cheaper than hard copies and I can increase the font size if I need to which you can’t do with a paper book, they also take up no physical space and don’t need dusting!
If I really like the book I buy a hard copy from amazon so I have something future proof to cherish.

Another way to try a book is to use the open library, it’s online and it’s a large depository of literature, classics and otherwise. Free too.


These days mostly Amazon for Kindle.


These websites sell used books. They have great prices and the shipping isn’t very high.
Better World Books
World of Books
Awesome Books
Book Depository - sells only new books. Shipping is free worldwide!
MediMops - it’s in German but it has tons of books in English. Shipping is about 2 euro/book.


I buy a lot from Amazon because I have freebie points from a credit card to use over there.

When it’s an out of print book, I buy it from ABEbooks, a network of used book sellers.

Does your country not have a bookseller within your country who can ship to you cheap? Or physical book stores that can order books for you?


I mostly use Amazon too. My closest brick and mortar Catholic book store is a Pauline Books and Media run by the Daughters of St. Paul, and I buy books from there a few times a year. A nearby parish has set up a well-stocked used book store in their basement, and recently I’ve found some fine books there. A few of the other publishers and stores I buy directly from online include Liturgical Press, Eighth Day Books, and Ignatius Press. I used to order frequently from the publisher TAN Books too, but not so much these days.


Highly recommended. They sell both new and used books. Alibris is not a book store, per se, but rather a listing service for many independent bookstores both small and large.

If you require books in new condition, you can save a lot of money by selecting used books in “Fine/Like New” or “Very Good” condition. Most used booksellers, in order to avoid disputes, list the condition a bit lower than the true condition, so a book listed as Very Good is often (in my experience) really Like New.

There is also Alibris UK, https://www.alibris.co.uk/, but I’m not sure what the difference is. When I access it from the US, it looks the same.


I buy the majority of my books from this website.

If shipping charges are huge have you thought of buying ebooks instead?


I use Amazon quite a bit but there’s also a small independent bookstore down the street that I enjoy patronizing.


From Chapters/Indigo. I have a Kindle, but I prefer to buy physical books.


Catholic books at a catholic bookstore. Other books at Barnes or used local bookstores


I mostly use Amazon – I’m in the U.S., so free shipping; most of my book purchases are ebooks; and having worked in retail for too many years, I hate going shopping.
But – when I do go shopping, if I see an independent book store, I’ll usually go in and find something to buy, because I want to support them.


Amazon and EWTN


Here I am bringing politics into everything, but do people realize that working conditions in Amazon warehouses are truly awful? Google it and see for yourself…


I find a lot of good Catholic books at church rummage sales and at book sales at our local library (the books they sell are donations, not old library books). I can buy a bag of books for less than the cost of a new book.


While on the subject of books – I hope people still use the good old public library! Most libraries will have a process for the patrons to request a book, if the library doesn’t have a certain title. And you’ll be doing a favor for other Catholics when you request a Catholic book title! :smiley: I feel like it would be good for the library staff to know how many religious folks there are, and we want more than just the secular bestsellers.


Thank you. Jeff Bezos is the economic antichrist and anyone patronizing him is a heretic, at least IMO :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Ignatius books online,TAN books, sometimes books are offered at my church.I have ordered only one book from Amazon.com.

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