Where do you buy your religious books?


I didn’t know where to post this. When I purchase a religious book, I always face a dilemma:

If I purchase from a place such as catholic.com, newadvent.org, or EWTN, I’m supporting excellent ministries.

If I purchase from a place such as Amazon.com, I’m kind of “voting” for that book. Amazon will see that religious books sell, and it will help in their Amazon ranking (how many of each book they sold) for religious books. On the other hand, I’m giving money to Amazon, who also sells very bad books and media.

What’s your opinion?


I get the majority of my religious books from getfed.com (discount Catholic stuffs!! Yay!!!) or from the CA online store :slight_smile: sophiainstitute.com/ is another great resource…I’ve purchased from them before.

I try very hard not to by my religious/spirituality books from Amazon, unless they are the only ones that have it and/or if it’s a super expensive book at a great deal.


Well, if it’s cheaper, I buy it on Amazon.

But, if it is close in price I try to buy from the Catholic publisher.

I like to buy used books because of the price. But, if I know the author supports his/her family through writing Catholic books, I am more likely to buy new.

Generally, though, I buy cheaper because then I can fill my bookshelves with more great Catholic stuff.


Yes, this is a problem.

I don’t know if you have a Catholic bookstore or gift shop in Waco, but buying from one helps to keep good books on shelves where people can see them. It also helps to keep such businesses open (and they add much to a community - sort of a desert oasis).


No, we don’t have a Catholic bookstore in Waco. Several years ago, I was considering opening one myself, but I heard it’s tough staying open because people will usually browse the books at the brick-and-mortar store, then purchase online where they’re cheaper.

That reminds me of a corollary to my question…
Barnes and Noble does have a store in Waco. By purchasing from them, I would be helping to keep religious books on the shelves there. However, just as with Amazon, Barnes and Noble sells a lot of garbage (the witchcraft books are next to the Christian books!!!).


As someone on a very limited income, I buy from whoever is cheapest. The nice thing about Amazon is used books, which I buy whenever possible.

The way I look at it is, yes, you’re buying from a company that sells other books that are awful. BUT, it’s better to buy the book, read it, and grow spirtitually from it, than to not read it at all. Which is often my only two choices if it’s an expensive book.

God bless!



In the Midwest, we still have a few “Catholic stores” that sell mostly Catholic items. I try to use those whenever possible, as I liek to keep them in business. Only when they can’t find me the item do I look elsewhere. This has happened twice in the past ten years; once, for a decent medal for my godson of St. Louis (I went an online religious store in St. Louis!).


Tan Books is pretty good from what I have seen. Most of their books are in line with the Church’s teachings. They also offer steep discounts when ordering certain things in quantity. Does anyone have objections to Tan Books? If so, let me know, because I am interested in whether to support them or not.


I have bought most of my books through Amazon.com, and I am able to buy the used ones fairly cheaply. I know that Amazon sells some “bad” books also, but I figure my purchases also show them that people are willing to purchase good, spiritual works, also. And the used book prices are very decent, and that way I can stretch my montly “book” money much further!


My church has a bookstore, so I will give them my business, if the item I want is something they have in stock or can order for me. :slight_smile:


have you tried ebay, half.com or alibris.com too? when you purchase from Amazon you aren’t always purchasing directly from them sometimes they are one of many who are the book. If it bothers you to buy directly from them then purchase it from one of the other sellers…


Shreveport is blessed with a wonderful Catholic book and gift shop, Alice and Caroline’s Jacob’s Well. It’s a mouthful but there’s a poignant story behind it. It’s run by a parishioner at my church. Anyway, you’d be very surprised how similar in price a local store can be compared to the big guys and online. In our local store, most prices are the same to within a few dollars. I still buy online if I get the whim, but make sure to throw most business to the local store. IMHO, buy when you can from the publisher, though, over Amazon if you want to maximize the effect of your dollar.


I just got three books which I ordered thru Jimmy Akins store which is actually Amazon but I assume that it benefits his blog somehow.


I buy mine from our local Catholic supply store. If they don’t have it in stock, I ask them to order it. It takes longer and may cost me a wee bit more, but I love having an authentic Catholic place to shop and I want to support them.


Yes, I forgot about that. Akins links to Amazon. Hmmmm…what to make of that little twist?


I wish we had a Catholic book store in Waco. I’d love to start one, but from what I can gather, it’s a very risky investment!


Ours seems to do okay, but one never knows. It’s been around for 50 years, sells school uniforms, priest’s vestments, church supplies, gifts, books, cards. We’re in a mid-size midwestern city with a heavy Catholic presence. I hope you can find a way to make it work – it’s a great resource for Catholic families. My nephew just joined the marines and I wanted to send him something in bootcamp. I went there and bingo, found a prayer card with a prayer for the marines. How cool is that?


I feel pretty stupid right now! I got so caught up in the love of books about apologetics and Catholic theology that it never even dawned on me that school uniforms could be an item. It’s been a while since my kids were in Catholic elementary school, so maybe things have changed, but I seem to remember having to drive to Austin (100 miles away) to purchase their uniforms. Since kids need new uniforms every year…

I feel pretty stupid right now — but enlightened!!!



Oh. Larry, and school uniforms are not what your kids had, either. Now there are pants and shirts for boys, shorts for boys, pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers and skorts for girls, hair scrunchies to match the plaid uniforms, and on and on.

Also, there’s the matter of cards and gifts. Christian bookstores are just off when it comes to baptism, first communion, confirmation, etc. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the cards and gifts, it’s just that they’re not right – they;re missing that Catholic fullness. I can’t buy from anywhere but our Catholic store. Not to mention the saint’s medals and prayer cards … . I’m saying a prayer on behalf of you and all the CAtholic families in Waco that you find a way to make this work.


Maybe it’s not important, but I’m just curious. What do you you mean school uniforms are not what my kids had?

I’m saying a prayer on behalf of you and all the CAtholic families in Waco that you find a way to make this work.

Thank you very much, dwc! Hopefully one day it will happen!

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