Where do you get your palms for Palm Sunday?


It seems that every time I go to a Palm Sunday Mass, I don’t have a palm in my hand. Where do you get your palms? Before the celebration starts? The week before?



We find the palms ready stacked on a table outside the church, with two or three parish volunteers handing them to us as we arrive.



They’re generally on a table as you walk in on Palm Sunday, so everybody can grab one as they enter the church.



Thanks for the info and @Tis_Bearself thank you as well

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Palms and willows are blessed prior to the beginning of Liturgy and we hold them throughout.



What do we do with the Palms after the service?



Your bulletin should have told you where Mass begins on Palm Sunday. For us, it begins in the Parish Hall. Sometimes it begins out in the parking lot. The palms are blessed at the beginning of Mass and the people process in with their palms.



They are Sacramentals after they are blessed. You may want to take them home and display them (it is really common in this part of the world to put them behind the crucifix on your wall). Next year before Ash Wednesday you bring the palms back to the Church and they are burned to make ashes.

If you do not wish to take it home, then, leave it in the Church. They are to be buried or burned.

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I was taught as a kid that you burn a small piece while saying a prayer for protection during storms.



My wife follows an old family custom of hers: she folds each palm into the shape of a cross and pins it up somewhere.



You take the palm home; you can fold it into a cross or just leave it plain; and you put it someplace where you can see and respect it until next year. Usually my mom would put our family palm behind the wall crucifix so it was sticking out, and in recent years I put it sticking out behind a papal blessing since the crucifix is down from the wall due to its needing repairs.

The next year, you find a church collecting old palms for Ash Wednesday and drop your palm off to be burnt with the others to make ashes. Then you get a new one on Palm Sunday for the following year.

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We have them in big buckets on the “church square” where we start the Liturgy with the blessing of the palms, the gospel reading and then we process into the church for the rest of the Liturgy.

I keep my palms on top of a painting with the prayer Ave Maria.



I’m being a little funny here, but it sounds like you need to get to mass earlier. :wink:

Parishes either have tables where you get palms before the service or they bless the palms and you go up and get them from the priest before mass (as is done in the Ordinariate mass). I fold my palms into crosses (we also get willows at my parish too) and I take them home and put them in my icon corner.

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On the table in the back of the church.
Some people come with their own palms, cut from their garden.



Our parish has them ready for us on Palm Sunday. We’re free to take them when we enter. But we wait until they’ve been blessed.

Each parish is different. Some have a procession which begins outside and then you go into the Church while others you just go in as usual and take your seat until you’re told to stand for the blessing of the palms.



At the local cathedral, they’re in huge marble barrels that resemble umbrella stands. And since this is Charleston, they could probably have walked down the street and hacked them off the nearest palmettoes beforehand.



Yesterday was my first Sunday at a Catholic Church. I was kind of surprised that the palm leafs were not folded into crosses. At the various Anglican Churches that I have attended they always where.



Keep it somewhere nice and safe (like next to a crucifix or a statue of Our Lady) in your home. Depending on local custom/ availability bring them back on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) or the Sunday before and have it burned into the ashes to be blessed on Ash Wednesday.



In my parish, the palms are handed to us by ushers as we enter the church.

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In my country they hang it at the door or put it near or at the altar of their homes then bring it back to church before ash wednesday to be burned


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