Where do you go to get spiritual advice?

I have a practice of weekly confession. This week I found myself outside the confessional with no sins of which I could accuse myself. I went to confession and sought spiritual advice from the priest into one area of my life. He was reluctant to give me any advice except to say that confession was for confessing sins and he didn’t have time to dispense spiritual help. This has left me somewhat confused as I had the notion that the sacrament of confession was the normal place to seek spiritual guidance. Would you clarify please?

I’m a bit confused too, since I am surprised that a priest would not be able to give you some guidance and unable to give you a recommendation of where you could get more information. Perhaps he was inexperienced in spiritual direction and caught off guard? In any event, confessors should be able to give some spiritual advice in the confessional and refer penitents to local spiritual directors for more intensive guidance. If this happens again, ask the confessor to recommend a spiritual director whose balance and orthodoxy he trusts.

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