Where do you hang your hat?


As an ex-evangelical I would argue that there is really no place in the Protestant world to “hang one’s hat”. Sola Scriptura has led to an explosion in the number of strongly held interpretations of scripture.

One person sits on a log in the woods, reads the Bible, prays fervently for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and emerges a Calvinist. Another person does the exact same thing and emerges an Arminian. Who is correct?

I spent time as a liberal Baptist, Calvinist, Arminian, dispensationalist, charismatic and everything in between for decades. When one attempts find the truth in the Protestant/Evangelical world, it all seems to come apart like sand through one’s fingers.

Like I said, where can you “hang your hat”?



Some people just stay where they are at too I think, and give little or no thougt to it except to go to Church once and a while (in all faiths)

There are varying degrees of vigilence to be “seeking the truth” in all people.

But, after reading your story I am really happy you are now Catholic and can rest your hat now in peace!:slight_smile:


When I heard about Jesus, I didn’t know there was this big diversity of churches. Because I wasn’t raised Christian, I didn’t know anything about Christianity. I became a Christian through TV evangelism and reading books. Unfortunately all of that stuff was pretty anti-Catholic. As I moved around from church to church, group to group, I learned and became more aware of what is going on, and finally ended up a Catholic

For sure, the difficulty in finding a church home in Protestantism kept me looking until I found our Catholic home. But along the way I met quite a few people who had stayed put their entire lives. One of my grandmothers was like this. She became a southern Baptist at a young age, and never budged from it. There are people who find a denominational home and stay put there. But based on what I saw, most Protestants are not committed to any one denomination, and don’t have a problem moving around.

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