Where do you keep the food bowl?


We got a dog this spring, and I’ve been keeping his food and water bowls on our patio, away from where my toddler can get to them. It’s getting cold now, and I know they need to come inside. Where do you keep the dog bowls that your toddler can’t reach them?


A toddler can be taught NO. We’ve always had the dog and cat bowls at the far end of the kitchen. The kids, as toddlers, ALWAYS knew they were off limits. Just teach him NO TOUCH. :shrug:


We keep ours in our downstairs bathroom. Always have had dogs, never have had a dog food eating toddler (yet) :stuck_out_tongue:


I read this at first to mean you keep the dogs in your downstairs bathroom :smiley: then I remembered what the question was.

I only feed the dogs now twice a day so their food is not available for a toddler to get into but I keep a water bowl available at all times. Trying to remember what I did do when I had toddlers? The water bowl was in the kitchen, cat food on top of the dryer (to keep dog out of it). I don’t remember toddlers spending too much time playing in that water though so, yes, toddlers can be taught to leave it alone. Oh, and they always followed me around so would never be in the kitchen unsupervised anyway.

Brenda V.


I keep mine under the counter, where the island in my kitchen faces the dining room, since it is not on the carpet of the dining room and is in a place where we won’t trip over it.

I can’t really see a toddler being too interested in dog food. Are you sure it would be a problem? Maybe it would make things easier if you had your toddler help feed the dog, helping put the food in the bowl each day. I have my youngest son do that, so that my dog will see him as someone that provides for her rather than as a rival.


The kids or the dogs? My dog won’t leave my side and will follow me anywhere except the shower :thumbsup:

I do have a 6 month old foster daughter that I am afraid will become a dog food eating toddler. She has already stolen the dogs KONG toys (they have been washed). She has this nack of finding the one thing in the room she isn’t supposed to have and can crawl to it in a flash :confused:





Until then, enjoy it. ONe of my favorite videos is when I came in and found the water bowl spilled all over the floor. I ran and got my camera. As my son crawled toward me, on hand slipped and he rocked over on his back. When he reached me he start to climb up on me. This is when I realized he was soaking wet from head to toe. It was a mess. So it took a little while to clean up. John and the water bowl is one of my favorite memories.

PS - He never got in it again.


Food bowl is only down during pets meal time, water is drank outside. We just let them in and out to drink.


On re-reading what I posted I realized how ambiguous that was. Actually it was both the kids and the dogs ;). Now it is just the dogs (and that is two of them, the cats sometimes follow me around too).

As for a 6 month old and finding what they are not supposed to have, the one thing they are not supposed to have, that is my experience!

Brenda V.


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