Where do you put your Bible ribbons?

So I just got not one, but two new Bibles (one big one for study and reference, one that’s much smaller for just having close at hand as a no-frills Bible in RSV2CE), bringing my count up to four and a half (the half is a NT only).

Not every Bible I own has a ribbon, but the two new ones I got have two ribbons. Handy! It got me thinking, though, about where to put the ribbons. On both of them I ended up putting the ribbons in at the start of the New Testament, and at the start of the Psalms. The ribbons on both Bibles were long enough that I can tuck them back in on the bottom of the pages and effectively mark a total of four locations. I ended up taking the Psalms ribbon and tucking it back in at the end of the Pentateuch, and taking the New Testament ribbon and tucking it back in at the start of Acts. I don’t really need a ribbon to remember my place if I’m just reading through a Bible, so I find the ribbons mainly useful for finding things fast if I want to quickly reference scripture.

This seemed like a pretty good way of doing things, for my purposes, but I’m curious what you all do with your ribbons, and why. Do you use your ribbon(s) in different ways for different Bibles? Do you move yours around? What, in your mind, would be the ideal number of ribbons in a Bible?

You could use them to mark your favorite verses in both old and new testament.

Is that what you do? If so, which verses?

I have added more ribbons to my Bibles because I need them. I mark where I am in the OT book, the Psalms, Gospel and the NT letter which I am reading at the moment. I notice that some people use different prayer cards or pictures of saints for the same purpose.

The ribbons I add are in two colours. The OT are in the colour of the Bible cover and for the NT I use gold or yellow.

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