Where Do You Read Book Reviews?

I wanted to thank Robert P. Lockwood for his very kind review of my novel, The World’s Funniest Atheist, in Our Sunday Visitor newspaper and that got me thinking about book reviews in general.

Where do you go (online or off) to read book reviews?

I usually look at OSV, Catholic Digest, and Liguorian.

(And I better mention My Daily Visitor since my wife Monica and I are the editors of that!)

Update: Thanks so much to the many people who have bought the book over the past two weeks. I’d appreciate it if you’d send me a note and tell me what you think about it.

(Also, you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book. A PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or smart phone work just fine.)

Thanks so much for those of you who have sent me an e-mail. Yes, you can write a novel. Yes, you!

i read reviews on amazon or bn sites.

CatholicFiction.net has some interesting reviews.

I read what readers have to say about a book on amazon.com. It’s an excellent resource.


I like to read the reviews on Goodreads, they seem very honest and insightful. I often refer to the reviews there when I’m thinking of buying a book.

Goodreads, Amazon, major broadsheets…

I use Amazon, Goodreads, and various blogs (like Fangs for the Fantasy) which I trust.

I always check Amazon. Read the reviews plus comments on reviewer’s notes.

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