Where Does a Heretic Go After God's Judgment?


Where Does a Heretic Go After God’s Judgment?
Heaven or Hell?


A person who perseveres to the end in the guilt of heresy descends into Hell, since heresy is a mortal sin against faith.


Where does an adulterer go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

Where does an extortionist go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

Where does a sodomite go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

Where does a liar go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

Where does a cheat go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

Where does a blasphemer go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

Where does a murderer go after God’s judgement?
Heaven or Hell?

If you’re God, you can answer.

You’re not, and neither are we.

God Bless!


They would go to hell if they don’t repent.


It totally depends on whether he/she died with grace, and what kind of heretic they were. In other words, was their heresy a mortal sin or a venial sin?

Not all heresies are equal


If someone dies a Heretic, it is because they are in Mortal Sin.


I agree almost entirely. However, St. Anselm reminds us, in his sermon on impenitence, that

7″But who knows,” the obstinate sinner will say, “but God will show me the same mercy which he has shown to certain great sinners?” In answer to this, St. Chrysostom says: “Fortasse dabit, inquis: cur dicis fortasse? Con- tigit aliquando; sed cogita quod de anima deliberas?” (Hom. xxii. in 2 Cor.) You say: ”Perhaps God will give me the grace of salvation. But why do you say perhaps? Is it because he has sometimes given to great sinners the grace of eternal life? But remember, says the holy doctor, that there is question of your soul, which, if once lost, is lost for ever. I, too, take you up, and admit that God has, by certain extraordinary graces, saved some enormous sinners.

But these cases are very rare; they are prodigies and miracles of grace, by which God wished to show the boundlessness of his mercy. But, ordinarily, sinners who wish to continue in sin, are, in the end, cast into hell. On them are executed the threats of the Lord against obstinate sinners. ”You have despised my counsels, and neglected my reprehensions. I also will laugh in your destruction. . . . Then they will call on me, and I will not hear.” (Prov. i. 25, 26, 28.) I, says the Lord, have called on them again and again, but they have refused to hear me. ”But they did not hear nor incline their ears; but hardened their neck, that they might not hear me.” (Jer. xvii. 23.)

God can, by a miracle, remit damnation. We cannot be sure that

It’s most likely, but not entirely certain.


No… there are two kinds of heretics.

Formal heretic & material heretic.

A formal heretic is in a state of mortal sin. However, a material heretic may not be, as they are typically born into heresy and do not know any better.


I was getting ready to say something like that.


If someone dies in material heresy, this person is not a Heretic.


Three usernames in one day, huh?


We are only allowed 1 username.


Semantics my friend. Someone who dies in material heresy is a heretic, but they are not a formal heretic. They are a “material heretic.”

When someone calls a person a “heretic” some only refer to “formal heretics” while others use the terms for both formal heretics and material heretics.

God Bless


So far today, we’ve had two other users join just today and start threads accusing Vatican II of teaching heresy. Both of those threads have been deleted and at least one of the users (maybe both, I’m not sure) have been banned.

Your thread starts by asking where a heretic goes after God’s judgment. Given the circumstances, I suspect you might be the same person or persons who started those other threads dealing with heresy.

Are you?

If you are not, I apologize for jumping to conclusions.


If someone dies knowingly denying an Infallibly Defined Dogma of the Catholic Church, is this person a Formal Heretic?


I am not the same person.


Again, sorry for jumping to conclusions on my part. God bless.


No problem at all.


Folowing the strict definition of heresy, we can reasonably conclude that they go to Hell. It’s sad, and we certainly hope that God has mercy on them. We also can’t rule out the potential for them being invincibly ignorant (though the nature of heresy makes that unlikely).

It’s not nice to think about, but to pretend that everything works out fine for people who obstinately refuse God’s will is to ignore reality and Jesus’ warnings.

However, it is important to recognize that there’s a difference between being mistaken, and being a heretic.


Objectively, yes. However, only God knows if the person truly receive the proper information and therefore was truly knowing, yet objecting.

Additionally, all formal heretics have one thing in common. They accept the authority of the Catholic Church, but they deny one of the Church’s teachings because they refuse to accept what the Bishops are saying.

A great modern day example are people who protest outside the Cathedral on Holy Thursday pushing for women priests. These people (unless not Catholic) are formal heretics.

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