Where does temptation become sin in the mind and is it a sin to consider a sin

at which point does temptation evolves into sin - there have been times where i have debated with myself whether something is a sin in itself, and often I find myself considering whether I should proceed with a sin or not etc. is this just temptation? I weigh up both arguments and ultimately I do not go ahead with committing the sin - I am troubled by all sorts of thoughts - I didn’t entertain any sorts of thoughts about actually committing sin or lusting yet I did spend time considering whether I should go ahead or not and if it is wrong or not, and I was plagued by thoughts of “I have to do this”, “I’m going to do it, ok?”. These were very strong temptations and I do not usually find myself pushed to this point which is why I don’t know if I have committed a sin in thought.

Well, I know its said once a person lusts after another in their mind, they have already committed the actual sin, but Im not sure if that means, there would be no more level of sin, if they engage in sex with the person or not.

Seems like there would be, but if you have already sinned by looking/thinking, maybe doing the actual deed is nothing more?

Good question.

Hi Jr101,

Maybe what you are describing is an attachment to sin. If you still see reasons why you might consider sinning… even if those reasons are outweighed by your thought process, this could be called an attachment to sin. Actually there is no rational reason anyone would want to sin because every sin separates you from God… but we all consider it at times, because the devil makes sin seem so appealing to us, even sometimes to those who have full knowledge of the harm sin can do, he is sooo very clever, and our desires work upon us.Please be vigilant.

Obviously God is bringing you closer to him by helping you resist these temptations, which are of course totally normal for any soul struggling in the world, but you need to work on a way to get them out of your mind. Perhaps an examination of conscience each day and then a recommitment each time to removing them from your mind the next day (should they surface in your examination). You could think of some exercises to help you… like when these thoughts wrise you could o for a walk, or read some scripture, or just choose to do something which puts more pleasant thoughts in your mind. Maybe someone else will have advice here…

Maybe this article will help?


George Carlin said it best, if ya wake up one morning and say, “I’m gonna go downtown and commit a mortal sin today!”, save the cab fare, ya already did it!

Personally, I go with actions are needed as well as thoughts…

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