Where does the body end and the spirit begin?

From the perspective of an athiest, everything that we feel and experience is synthesized in the brain, and we are totally dependent on the brain for personal existence. So according to this, of course heaven and hell would be impossible to experience, because suffering and joy are both just emotions being created by chemical receptors which become inactive after death.

We say, however, that even when the brain is inactive, the spirit is still capable of sensation. How? Does a spirit feel all the same things a body does? Does it feel them in the same way?

In our current earthly lives, is it possible to differentiate between what our spirits feel and what our bodies feel? Can we theorize about what it’s like to “feel” after death, or will it be an experience totally beyond comprehension?

The soul and body together form the person. The soul continues to exists without a living body, until the resurrection when united. The idea is that the soul does not have sensory input from the body when it is dead, rather the Holy Trinity supplies any necessary input formally supplied by our senses.

There is evidence of consciousness without brain activity. The AWARE study:

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WHERE? Could make your question a rather false non-applicable question

We are body - spirit


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