Where does the concept of Purgatory come from?


I guess I am quite early in my journey to Catholism, I have done lots of reading and your Catholic Answers PodCast has been amazing. Catholism answers lots of questions and just feels right for me.

One issue I have which I struggling to understand is Purgatory. I have heard 1 Corinthians 3 quoted with regards to the flames. Maybe I’m trying to be too logical but I find it hard to argue that this is a clear reference to purgatory.

I know that Catholism does not rely solely on the bible, and understand this - but what I struggle to find is an answer as to where the concept of Purgatory comes from, how do we know about it? If its not in the bible has it been communicated to us via the Pope, or is it just a common sence position based on the little bits in the bible.

When this question gets asked the answer I seem to see is a reference to a few bible verses, which you can see to re-inforce Purgatory if we already understand and accept that it exists, but I have not yet understood where the concept comes from. Without addressing this the apologist then talks about that not everything is in the bible, and questions around that but seems to miss the answer I am wanting.

I don’t mean the question to sound negative, I have just struggled to find a direct answer. Maybe thats where I’m going wrong, and I should come back to this topic once I have a bit more knowledge - any help would be great.



The following links should help answer your questions about Purgatory. You might pass these on to your priest. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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