Where does the prehistoric age fall in the book of Genesis?

i been doing this bible studies. is a good one but is hard when you doing it on your own an you don’t have scott hahn live to answer the questions or explain things. one of my questions is : where do the prehistorics ages falls in the genesis.? i know god is the creator of us as human an everything that surround us. but then why do we have fossils of caverns men, dinosaurs etc. they said everything was destroyed because a changes in global temperature, can you please help me with this?:confused:

The question of fossils, caverns, and dinosaurs is a question for science, not theology. What we do know, however, is that “Nothing exists that does not owe its existence to God the Creator. The world began when God’s word drew it out of nothingness; all existent beings, all of nature, and all human history are rooted in this primordial event, the very genesis by which the world was constituted and time begun." *Catechism of the Catholic Church * (207).

The Catholic faith obliges us to believe the following:

• Souls are immediately created by God
• All men are descendants of Adam

-*Humani Generis * no. 36, 37

For Catholic studies (scholarly) on prehistoric peoples, I recommend the following:

*The Age of the Gods, a Study of the Origins of Culture in Prehistoric Europe and the Ancient East *
By Christopher Dawson
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Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric Peoples
By Jean Francois Albert Du Pouget
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(Note: Author was a leading authority on cave drawings)
Catholic Encyclopedia article on Jean Francois is here.

Humani Generis
Online text here.

Interesting articles:

Examining the Fossil Record by Dr. Robin Bernhoft
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Many articles on this subject:
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