Where does this story of Lucifer's fall come from?

Basically there is this story that God showed the angels a vision of the Incarnation, and told them to bow down.

Lucifer said “I will not serve” then Michael said “who is like God?” and then they fought and then Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven.

I always heard this story since I was a kid. Where did it come from?

It sounds like an interpretation of the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation The “stars” that are swept from the heavens is interpreted as the angels that fell with Lucifer.

Well, one prophetess, St. Mary of Agreda, had it revealed to her in a vision of the Beginning of Creation. Several popes and a number of bishops have approved of her revelations, which she wrote and you can read online in The Mystical City of God.

This is a detailed revelation from God and St. Mary about the life of St. Mary from the Immaculate Conception to her death/Assumption/Coronation. It also includes Satan’s pride/refusal/fall and his particular hatred of the Mother of God, for it was fortold to the angels in the Beginning that this Woman would be Queen of the Angels and Creation as well as the Mother of God, so (feeling superior to Her) he continually searched for her and fought against her on the Earth.

But, this revelation apparently has been revealed to the Church throughout history. I had only heard a part of it before this account above.

Am I wrong or is the basic form of this story a part of ancient Hebrew tradition?

It is loosely described in Ezekiel 10, but there is some debate there.

Jude 1:6 says

Jude 1:6 (KJV)

“And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."

I believe this is a reference to a story in the book of Enoch.

This is one of those “traditions” that made me realize sola Scriptura was false.

Interesting. How so?

It was one of those stories taught to me as vividly as the. Creation. But it really is not there in scripture. There are some loose references and the concept, but it needs more than scripture alone to be affirmed the way it was presented.

It’s not an argument I’d go to to convince someone, it’s just one that got the wheels turning for me personally.

Doctor and saint of the Church Thomas Acquinas seems to have put all those bits and pieces that refer to those happenings together. It makes a lot of sense.

Luke 10:17-18** , **Apocalypse (Revelation) 12:3-12 , Isaias (Isaiah) 14:12

As near as I can tell, the notion that the revelation of the mystery of the Divine Incarnation precipitated the fall of Satan and his angels comes from Francisco Suárez (1548-1617), a Jesuit theologian. This topic is discussed in the article on “Devil” in the Catholic Encylcopedia.

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Regarding Satans fall, I find it extremely hard to believe Lucifer (and the other fallen angels) did what they did GIVEN what they knew about God, they did not need faith like we do, they KNEW for a fact the way things were, knowing God is all powerful, why would a super intelligent being such as Satan choose this path, knowing God will defeat him, OR, does Satan believe in some way, he actually has a chance of defeating God?

Another thing along this same line, what happens if Satan actually does end up winning over more souls than God? Will this mean he has won and managed to effect much more souls than God did?

God gave us free will, and enough knowledge so that we are free to choose Him who is infinitely good! When we freely choose what is good…we benefit! When we choose what is not good, He allows us to suffer the consequences, which we knew about in advance.

The rebellious angels chose pride. Their leader wanted to be “like God”, and not subservient to Him. That is the great sin of pride.

The Lord has done great things for us. In humility we need to acknowledge that, not question it. Our finite minds cannot grasp everything…we need faith and trust.

In our finite minds we cannot fully imagine God

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