Where God Weeps, Sadad Syria

Another massacre of Christians uncovered in Sadad, Syria. More fruit from U.S. sponsered Rebels. U.S. stopped massacre of Muslims in Bosnia, but it gives cartes blanche to Muslims to massacre Christians throughout the Middle East. Your tax dollars are killing Christians. How do you feel about that?


Such a sad story. I pray for these persecuted Christians that they may endure. Many Catholics are unaware of the war waged between extreme sects Islam and Christianity. It’s amazing that there still are Christians in the Middle East, as much persecution they have had to deal with. It’s a sign that their faith trumps mine 100 fold. I pray that all of us American Catholics can unit with our brothers and sisters to help them in this time of great need, and also not take our Faith for granted like I did for so long.:gopray:

I think its very strange and sad none of this is being reported on ANY of the media networks here in the US, they also are not reporting on any of the killings of christians in Egypt, where this is very bad. I think there is a definite reason why they are not talking about this though.

I also wonder why christians in general and/or any religious person that has a problem with their tax dollars supporting the killing of people based on their religious beliefs, are not absolutely marching in the streets demanding this to stop!!?? If this is not causing churches from all over the country to ban together and march on washington in protest (or take it further), then I fear NOTHING will move these people.

As Ive said before, I know alot of people who claim to be christians and go to mass every sunday, but thats about where it ends, I dont think they would be willing to do anything more for their faith, especially if it may cause problems in their lives, like from being arrested, or loosing their jobs, etc. So they choose to sit on the side lines and just watch it all happen, and say, ‘well, I will say prayers for those people’…LOL but will not do anything much more than that, kind of what I refer to as a ‘fair-weather’ parishioner.

I also have to wonder in these places where this is happening, why are people not finding weapons and fighting back? If the US is willing and open to supporting the side doing all the killing with weapons, and other war machines, then surely there must be someone, or some large group/nation out there willing to supply arms to fight against this…right? Why is the Vatican not sending truckloads of weapons for these people to fight back?

The Vatican is most likely not sending truckloads of weapons because the Holy Father has wisely stated that further weapons and violence will not solve anything, but only make the situation worse.

  1. What exactly was the point of the poll? I’m asking because it’s worded in such a way as to pretty much make everyone vote a certain way.
  2. Could you provide a better link? The inclusion of Mr. Trifkovic’s comments pretty much discredits the article and the site it is hosted on for me.

Why did they supply the Crusaders with weapons then?

If they do not supply weapons, then they are basically sitting back and allowing this to continue, I truly hope another nation or group supplies these people with a way to fight for their lives.

I hope this also shows alot of people what the US supports, since they are supplying the weapons to kill all these christians, what happens when this starts happening on US soil? If the US is supporting this, it is only a matter of time before the same thing is done here, and if they support it elsewhere, no reason why they wont support it here too.

Humm…should U.S. tax dollars be used to kill and persecute Christians? That’s a tough question; I wonder what the Church teaches about it? :rolleyes:

What a manipulative way to word a poll topic! God weeps where ever lives are lost to violence: Christian, Muslim, Jew, faith or no faith.

Exactly what weapons did the Vatican supply crusaders?

Having lived through the pontificate of Pope John Paul II and knowing that Pope Francis is devoted to the poor and oppressed, how can you honestly think that Pope Francis would participate in the perpetuation of death and killing? As the Vicar of Christ, do you expect him to?

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