Where have you prayed the Rosary?

We can pray the rosary almost anywhere, so I just wondered where you’ve all prayed the rosary? Apart from in church and at home of course!

Walking to my bus stop, on the bus, at school :slight_smile:

In Church and in my bedroom

Ok so this is going to be a little off subject but I am still learning, so please forgive me for sounding silly:blush: but…

What is the rosary for? is it just a general prayer for whenever you want to use it or does it have a proper use for a particular time?

In my dorm room, in the basement of my dorm, in the laundry room, on a plane back home, at Adoration…

It’s a meditative prayer on the life of Christ. It’s a powerful prayer, and it directs your mind towards God, which in my experience helps to listen to God’s direction. It can be prayed anywhere at any time generally.(expect at Mass-personal devotions shouldn’t be distracting you from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass-you should be participating in that)

The only odd places that I can think of would be in class after I finished an exam and was waiting for the others to finish so I used the Rosary in my jacket pocket and said one there, sometimes on the bus ride to the career centre in my town for a class I take there I’ll say a decade there and back, when we went to the March For Life my youth group said a Rosary on the bus ride there, and one walking around a stadium in Arlington, and also in front of the Supreme Court and the Capitol. I think that’s it haha

In my bed right before bed, sometimes I do it while walking, and at church.

I have to be careful about doing it in public since where I live there are many people who are very Anti-Catholic. I used to be bullied/beat for it in school, so I still fear that happening.

In the car while driving through traffic. I found I’m much kinder and have more patience when I pray.
I’ve prayed it in between phone calls on my job. One hail mary fits in between each call easily.
At the laundrymat waiting on my clothes to come out of the dryer.
At the doctor’s office while waiting for my turn in line.

Years ago on May 1, I needed to go to the bank before attending a meeting dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima (the group used to be called The Blue Army). Three things to keep in mind as this story unfolds: 1) May is a month normally devoted to Mary. 2) May 1, or May Day, is celebrated as a secular holiday among Communists. 3) Mary asked at Fatima that we pray the Rosary each day or else Russia would spread her errors (atheistic Communism) throughout the world.

So there I am waiting in a long line at the bank, mentally saying the Rosary, with the Rosary beads hidden so I could pray privately. Suddenly, I got this HUGE inspiration from the Holy Spirit to take my Fatima Rosary beads in both hands, stretch out both arms straight in front of me, and show the Rosary to all publicly while I prayed silently … even if it meant making a big fool of myself.

So that’s what I did … Now here I am in the bank, standing in line, holding up the Rosary for all to see. At that moment, the line moved. As I rounded the corner, I came face to face with a man who I now saw was wearing a t-shirt with a big, bold Communist symbol on it. Wow … What a confrontation!

He had his symbol of spiritual warfare openly displayed, and I had mine.

Makes you think …

I find that Long bus rides, train rides, and airplane rides are perfect times to pray the Rosary :slight_smile:

The Tabernacle and Eucharistic Adoration are preferable places for all kinds of prayer. The Redemptorist founder St. Alphonsus de Liguori (1696-1 August 1787) quotes Bl. Henry Suso in his work “Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary” who says Christ hears the prayers of the faithful more graciously in the Holy Eucharist than other places. This must apply to the Rosary as well which has been called the best devotion after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I have prayed the rosary everywhere! Home, car, church, funerals, hospital (for my grandma), Lady of Fatima Rally. I even made a rosary garden in my backyard, even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I planned it, lol! :o

This made me laugh! :smiley: Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, dailey!

And I love your idea for a Rosary garden … Were you going for all roses? Anyways, I’ll bet it was pretty, even if it did come with unexpected results. :slight_smile:

I carry a twine Rosary in my front pocket. I’d sooner leave the house without my wallet or my car keys than I would leave without making sure I had my Rosary with me.

I’ve prayed the Rosary in many places. In the days after 9-11, I silently prayed the Rosary while on a commuter train going into and out of Manhattan. Many people – Catholics and non-Catholics, alike – nodded appreciatively when they saw me. I’ve prayed the Rosary while walking around the indoor track at the local YMCA. I often pray the Rosary while driving alone. I’ve prayed the Rosary in a hospital waiting room while a friend was undergoing surgery. I used that same twine Rosary to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in the hospital room of a dying co-worker. I’ve prayed the Rosary in joyous thanksgiving. I’ve prayed the Rosary in a funeral home. When I am angry, anxious or just not feeling right, I will grab my Rosary, take 20 minutes for myself and “go for a walk with Mother.” I can’t even begin to tell you just how comforting the Rosary has been to me over the years.


Please don’t drive distracted! :wink:

At doctor/dentist waiting room: good place to pray!

I’ve prayed in a cemetary, usually for a specific person at the grave.

TeenageConvert has it right. I have actually heard the mysteries of the rosary referred to as the “Cliff Notes” to the Gospel. If you pray all four sets of mysteries during the week, you will have meditated on the entirety of the Gospel (and for that matter, the entire bible).

Our bible study group is now using the mysteries as a bible study guide. And it brings us through everything from Genesis to Revelation.

As to the origional question, I pray the rosary while waiting for kids to get out of drama practice, band practice, flute lessons, piano lessons,…I spend a lot of time in my car!!! :smiley:

The only place out of the ordinary that I’ve prayed it was in the park while I was taking a walk.

The Rosary is one of the "things"that keep me going. I pray the first two decades with my first cup of coffee – the next 2 decades I saometimes pray at the computer and “go into” EWTN – or sometimes I pray when I’m walking up to my public transportation – the last decade I say before I turn out the light at night. Incidentally I always pray for someone special – my children, my grandchildren, good friends, etc., etc. – I love it!!!

It’s kind of like a Mini Bible as we meditate on the life, death and resurrection of our Lord.

On a lawnmowing tractor at work.

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