Where have you prayed the Rosary?

One of my favorite pictures of Blessed Pope John Paul II showed him walking through the woods while holding a Rosary in one of his hands.

Church, Chapel, Car, Yard, Work, Home, Park, basically anywhere I have the time and/or need.


Now that’s cool …

I’ve prayed the rosary driving to work all over Los angeles!

Two special places that come to mind where I prayed the rosary are New Camaldoli Hermitage In Big Sur, CA, and Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center In Sierra Madre, CA.

Yeah, on the plane.


Wow! Thank you for answering my question it opened my eyes, and I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of rosary, that it was so versatile or even that you could split it up, :o I thought you had you pray it all at once and that you could only get one type, :blush: not that I know much about it at all.

Please forgive my ignorance I am only just starting to explore the Catholic faith.:slight_smile:

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