Where 'home' is a vast mound of stinking rubbish


Well, I’m not saying it’s a good thing ; it’s deplorable. But I envy them – though “envy” is not the right word – in one respect.
Why are so many Americans now scared to death of losing their jobs? They are afraid of losing their cable TV and their Air Conditioning? Yes, that’s true of some.
But what many secretly fear ( secretly because, interestingly, to say so is absolutely taboo ) is that Hoovervilles are but rarely tolerated in this country anymore.
If you wind up homeless in this country now there is an excellent chance you will soon be quietly packed off to an air-conditioned , 3 - meal-a-day , well-run, relatively clean , CAGE.

Of course someone will come on after me to hotly deny that this is so, or to qualify it.

Well of course someone will this isn’t the Dark or Middle Ages where dissenting opinions got one a nice round of torture followed by hanging or being made extra crispy.

So what are these cages you speak of?

case in point. :rolleyes:

It’s not happening because they say it isn’t happening, even though I have seen it with my own eyes.


If you don’t want discussion of your viewpoints, why do you post them in an online forum? Wouldn’t it make more sense to post a blog and ban all comments?

Honestly, I am intrigued by your statement. It seems that homeless people in the US have a good deal of freedom as to where and how they live (except when city governments crackdown on homeless encampments). Could you tell us more about homeless people being forced to live in a shelter?

Back to Tondo…

It is, of course, a horror. Thankfully more developed nations have a social safety net. Persons who advocate for the dissolution of government welfare programs need only look to places such as Tondo to see the effects of such a move.

I can’t help but notice St. Dymphna in her signature. I’m just saying!:smiley:

Wrong sex . Nice try.

discussing my point of view is fine and dandy. But I wasn’t referring to my opinion.

Ok, a little, but I have neither the time nor the desire to write a book.

  • by the way - I wasn’t referring to people being forced into shelters . I SAID CAGES.
    I am pretty sure that was clear.

To proceed ; if you don’t have any money you can always be busted for vagrancy. But of course that is just the tip of the iceberg, there are in fact a great many laws we can only be in compliance with…by having money. So, if you don’t have any money, they can pick you up for any of a host of reasons, reasons that do NOT include murder, shoplifting, driving drunk, or robbing banks.
Whatever they bust you for, it invariably involves a fine. you were already homeless and penniless , a $75 or $200 fine sure isn’t going to improve your lot. So, at best, jail can easily become a revolving door, they pick you up, you spend a week in jail, they let you out, a few weeks later they pick you up again for the unpaid fine. at worse, the unpaid fines can compound into something more serious.
The state is not at all concerned about the bottom line, for far too long it has only been interested in appearances.
So it is that jails an prisons have become a "money-making " business.
( though any accountant , except a Marxist one, would figure out in half an hours totalling that this system is ruinous in its implications )
Police officers , prosecutors, judges, probation officers, prison guards aren’t at all interested in changing this. Where do you think their paycheck comes from?

Sure, you can debate all this. It’s ludicrous.
The next time you have a weeks vacation, empty your pockets and go live homeless for a week , just to see. After you do that I doubt very much we will have anything to "debate. "

Kesa, thank you for explaining what you meant. I appreciate that. And I share at least some of your concern - perhaps not as deeply as you do, but that is because I know little about the topic.

I think you raise an important issue, one which needs to be discussed. The more people who are aware of such ill-treatment as you describe, the more likely that pressure can be applied to change for the better.

I will look for some more information on this topic, and start a new thread. I worry that we are taking this one off-topic. :o

I love how you dodge the question. So you just make a statement and it’s true and no one can argue it then?

I dodged the question?

Try again.

Does anyone ever read a blog except by accident? I’m serious, I don’t know.

How does one phrase an internet search , " people who agree with me" ?

It all reminds me of all those dating sites on the internet ; find your soul mate. Yeah, sure. You can read through those things until your eyes go bloodshot, and they ALL say the SAME THING ;
I want someone who looks like a model, has unlimited funds, and has a sense of humor ( i.e . will never get depressed or angry no matter how rotten I am, OR , I don’t want real dialogue, I want to be entertained . ) :rotfl:

thus you will ever find me on forums. :smiley:

hmm, I’m not sure the OP defined a topic. Only an article was posted, an article which, as I think I have illustrated, could be viewed in different ways.

To rephrase my response ; These are third world phenomena? No, the same thing happens here, only in a different way.

Would I prefer to starve in the open air on a trash dump, or would I prefer an air-conditioned cage with three meals a day and ZERO autonomy?

Call me crazy, but I think I would prefer the trash dump, I don’t think the cage is more humane.

And to repeat what I said, if everything is so wonderful here , as opposed to there, then how come, long before the recent economic troubles, everyone is so scared to death of becoming poor?
I didn’t think 20 years ago, I don’t think now, that such pronounced inchoate fear is motivated strictly by contemplating the loss of air conditioning and Cable TV.

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