Where/how did you meet your spouse?


Hello everyone. I was just wondering if most of you met your spouse at church=mass, retreats or parish activities=bible studies, organizations, etc etc. Or at work? Or just through mutual friends, or even just around the neighborhood???

I ask this, becasue I’m 32 and single/never been married before. And there’s not much nightlife here at all where I live.

But long story… I’m a recent Catholic convert… I was baptist and then pentecostal most of my lie. And those churches were very confusing as far as marriage and dating goes.

So any ideas or advice???




In a computer lab at our college. :thumbsup:


We met through parish activities! :)


I was dating a friend of my husband’s (didn’t know my husband at that time) and we broke up. My husband and friends of this guy, threw him a going away party, because he was moving out of state…I went. My dh asked me out at the party…and the rest is history. :slight_smile: (we did break up though for a short time, and then resumed again…then he proposed)


At work:)


We met in our college concert choir. He was the bass solist. I learned to play all his accompaniments. He had to marry me then.


My wife and I met on a retreat to Lourdes with the HCPT.


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Theology class freshman year at Boston College; Fr. James Casey had us work on a project together, God bless him.


My fiance and I met four years ago.... i was 17 and worked as a summer hire for an air force base. He had just turned 19 and was fresh out of tech school. He worked at the on-base post office and one of my duties was to check mail daily. He told me later on that the best part of his day was when he would see my smiling face come by to check the mail. After that summer, we didnt see eachother or talk again until early 2009 when we went with a group of friends for another friend's birthday party. I was 20 and he was 22... so basically three years later. We had a real conversation lol! Didn't talk much after that... went to another party and ended up sitting together/dancing together the entire night! By then i was working a regular job for the military, so he found out where my office was and came up to ask me out for lunch. Four months later he asked me to marry him! Wedding is planned for the end of the year when he comes back from his deployment :)


At work, you get a good idea of work habits, values, sense of humor,etc.


At a roller rink in the early 80's, skating to those crazy disco hits...:)

A lonely fallen away evangelical met a True Holy Roller and the Hound of Heaven did the rest!




A blind date. A friend of mine, a friend of his were dating (now are married) and they both thought we were perfect for each other, though we had never met... He did get to see a picture of me, but I had no idea what he looked like or much about him...


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Theology class freshman year at Boston College; Fr. James Casey had us work on a project together, God bless him.


That is cool! :thumbsup:


At university. I had just arrived in a new university for my 2nd year, and was given a "godfather", who was in the same year as me but had already been there during the 1st year.
Well, the guy shared a flat with 2 others guys. One of them quickly "helped" him with his tutoring duties... and was pretty zealous about it :p... so from "godfather" the first guy became Best Man to our wedding 3 years later.;)


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me too! hubby and i were the first contacts we had when we joined.


At work.


At first, we met at youth group. Then, one day after Mass several years later, she asked me to be her partner for her ball room dance lessons. At first I said yes but I was concerned at our age gap; she was just turning 18 and I was 27. I asked my mom for advice and she replied, "oh, don't worry. You're just catching up to her maturity level!"


Oh my.... you are all so good! I flirted with mine at the apt. pool and I wasn't wearing a tank suit. It was the 80's!! :eek:

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