Where I live empty churches only old people... Christ I can't identify myself


I’m struggling with depression feeling lonely, and came to christ to find help. But I can’t help it sometimes, the church where I live is good. Nice pastors and stuff, but there’s only like 30 people comming to the church. It’s empty, always empty.

There’s not much christians, my pastor is taking young ones to the younger days, in Rio. But I never seen one of these kids at church, yes they have mothers that go to church, and I can see them brag about it. How they’re kids are christian. While I’m having a hard time getting my parents to go to church… It feels messed up. So these kids going to the younger days, I haven’t even seen them at the bible study group. Pastor himself said that one guy he takes does not even believe. I don’t understand what the pastor is doing… Not that I want to go. But it feels like he’s taking kids that don’t believe, I don’t know. it’s just I feel like it’s not right.

I wanna go hard for the lord, really hard… I am thinking of becomming a helper in the church don’t know how it’s called. But I feel discouraged these guys going to younger days etc, pastor probably thinks of them higher than me. Cause I’m a christian for 2 months only, not even confirmed. With all due respect my pastor is nice. But I’m not feeling right, with how things are. I wanna go hard for the lord. But it feels like I’m all alone. And that the people around me take Jesus to lightly. He’s not some instant saviour, he’s a friend I wanna walk with him, get stronger trough him. I wanna be guided by God, but I am scared. I love going to church.

There I am with the old people in church… Peoples 3 times my age. And not even people of my age I’m twenty. I don’t know where to go or what to do… I feel like I’m good with God and all but I can’t identify all I see is things that annoy me… Like they take God lightly. It hurts me and I feel sad cause of it. I don’t know what to do really.

In all honesty I’m thinking of leaving it all… I feel Gods love but it’s like I can’t reach it.

:hug1: I know it’s hard. I also have depression to live with. For that end, have you seen a doctor about possible medication and therapy? The right combination can do wonders. Not to say you’ll be 100%, but perhaps better able to cope with life.

Now, for the problem at Church. Have you talked with the priest about your concerns? And what happens if nothing changes? If you are able, go to another church. This isn’t meant to be a hardship for you. Being part of a parish should be a support. Hang in there, God loves you and so do we.

Hello, I’m on meds yes, and stuff is clearing up. :slight_smile: It’s just some nights are hard. I hope you will get better also!

Well this priest he has like 4 villages where I live. So every church in every village. I would have to drive pretty far for another church, and still have no connection with that church cause well the church I go to now. Is the church I’ve always been as a kid!

Somehow I am scared to talk to the pastor. I actually talked with him before… And I think he gets crazy from me and all my questions. I don’t know it just feels ****. I wanna run for deacan/deacon (whats it called?) But scared to ask… Don’t know… I feel at a loss.

I think God calls us to worship with all kinds of people. When I was a college student/grad student, I used to go to student parishes, but even there we had some families.

My last Catholic parish was in my neighborhood. It was made up of many families. I am single, and there were no groups for singles, so I attended a group sponsored by another parish.

Maybe God wants you to be where you are. Maybe you can learn from the older members; they are probably more experienced in their walk with God. I’ve gained a lot in my life by talking with people older than myself.

God will always answer a request of a spiritual nature. It will not come in your timeline but his, fortitude is the answer. You may think he has forgotten you and then you realize it has been answered. Join Organizations in your church, small parrishes need a lot of help. I have a grandson who lives with me who suffers from major depression and I find when people don’t know him they tend to shy away. Let people know you, don’t be shy, or frightened. I know Jesus has a very special place for you, his many rooms, keep trying. God bless you and I will pray for you. Find Peace for your Soul .

I am sure that your priest and the rest of the parish love having your there, even if they don’t often show it!

I am 53 and most of my congregation is ageing. I always notice when a new young person attends, and I hope that they keep coming.

We have a small youth group. Only about 6 people attend. I feel a bit lonely for them, but I am so glad that they do keep coming.

I can understand your unease about the priest taking to World Youth Day a few young Catholics who don’t even come to Mass. I’m sure that he’d like to take you too, but if you don’t want to go then that’s fine. When I was young I was reluctant to be involved in youth activities. I really regret that. If you can find some way to go to WYD in Rio with your parish, I highly recommend it. It will be a great adventure, and will do a lot for your loneliness.

Welcome to CAF, and thankyou for posting. :slight_smile:

You may ask the priest if there is a good time to get together because you have some questions. Or, if he can’t, ask him who might be the best person to ask. Fear of rejection is real, I understand that. But right now I think you need to feel a real connection to the church where you attend. Not only can you ask your questions, you may also ask what you can do for *for *the church. There may be something you can do, like maybe help keep the place clean. My mom and stepdad, who aren’t Catholic, go to their church weekly to dust. It may not sound like much, but these places need it as much as our homes do.

I agree with others who have suggested that you volunteer in the parish. They will be delighted to have a new face, and you will quickly find yourself settling in.

Once you are confirmed* you can volunteer for a public ministry, such as reading or EMHC. Once again, the parish will be delighted to have a new, young face in such a role.

Still, you do need to find people your own age as well. This is very important. :slight_smile:

*I am not sure whether it is necessary to be confirmed for these, but I suspect it is the case. Ask your pastor.

Go there for Jesus, he is there in the tabernacle, he speaks through his priest. What can we ask more for such an amazing God to perform this amazing miracle with the Eucharist.

Continue to go there, and pray before the mass even begin, let your heart renew. When we suffer either through depression, God love us the most because he is there guiding you.

Trust, that all will be well.

I pray for you, i understand depression and loneliness. I was helped, you will be too, you already are.

p.s The youth are giving up the church but we need to pray for them to resume to church. Be one among those wonderful souls that pray for this cause. I certainly feel sad but Mother Mary is helping, keep praying her if you haven’t done so, please start, she needs our prayer.

Is there any group for Christians singles over 40 and 50? I went back to church and I found people in their 60’s to 80’s.

I want to be with Christian singles my own age again. Where is the church? And don’t say start your own group because I have tried and no one wanted to help.

It doesn’t really matter who the parishioners are in your church. The main thing, is that Christ is present. Does your Church have a chapel for Eucharistic Adoration? If so, spend lots of time in prayer, adoring the Eucharist. If not, ask the Pastor if you can set up perpetual adoration, and organize ‘adorerers’ to spend time with Christ in the tebernacle. I bet there are quite of few ‘latent’ Catholics around that you could contact, organize and energize to take shifts. Take the initiative.

'Ask not what your Church can do for you, but what you can do for your Church.' (to paraphrase JFK).

e.g.–I am zoned for a newer, bigger, contemporary church; I attend an older church–because that parish needs me more.

If your parish is full of elderly folks–that tells me you have a great deal of opportunity to serve these parishioners. Your depression will dissipate, through humble, sincere, charitaable service to others.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

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