Where in God's earth are the NUNS at?

I really miss seeing such a devotion to God from them. Are there any of them on the forums? Do women still devote their lives to God in today’s society? If so where are they at? I’m going down to EWTN and the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Alabama where Mother Angelica is located in a few weeks and I hope to see them. I live in Pittsburgh and haven’t seen any Nuns anywhere. I wish I could attend mass with them or get some spiritual advice from them someday…I grew up being taught and I never thought I would miss them but looking back I do.

look at your diocesan website to find out which religious orders are serving in your diocese and where. In places where the priest population is aging, and few new vocations are being produced, the same is usually true of religious men and women. You want to see nuns under 40, go to Steubenville and find the TORs who live nearby.

Or to Nashville, TN, to see the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. Their vocation crisis is finding room for all the postulants.

NUNS are in cloister so most likely you won’t see them. I think you are looking for Sisters.:smiley:

No looking for Nuns… I’ve seen Sisters and I often feel that they are not really the same.

Well, Nuns are members of cloistered, prayerful communities - this is the main different. So yes you are right they are not the same. If you wish to meet a Nun then you would need to go to one of these communities and have the cloister lifted to allow your entrance. I am not sure if you are male or female but if you are male this is highly unlikely. Their life is spent in prayer amongst a contemplative community. Best of luck. It is Sisters who go out in the world amongst the people. That is their charism. If you are looking at vocation then it may be more possible to meet Nuns on vocational retreat.

Please read Brother JR’s posts in this thread.

Joandarc2008 is correct, a ***NUN ***is usually cloistered and does not ususally have any contact with the public.

A SISTER is one who lives in the “real world”, and may be (or have been) a teacher, nurse or worked in a parish.

Br. JR (and Br. David, who also contributes in the linked thread) are a wealth of information when it comes to understanding the differences between nuns, sisters, monks, brothers, etc.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What do you mean cloister lifted to allow your entrance? I’m going to The Shrine Of the Most Blessed Sacrament where I guess there are Nuns there? So A lay person who is a male can never speak to a nun? If you look at olamshrine.com/shrine_pilgrimages.html it shows that there is Nuns’ Conventual Mass open to the public. Why wouldn’t I ever be ever to met someone like Mother Angelica? I know I’m nothing but a dumb layperson but I don’t understand what you mean by saying “good luck” since I’m a male?

There are three monasteries of nuns in your area (two Carmelite and one Passionist), dfp. What you are speaking of are the religious sisters whose apostolate is “in the world”, such as those religious communities of teachers or nurses. These religious sisters indeed are less visible because many have chosen not to wear a recognizable habit, and also because many of these have far fewer vocations than they had in the past.

You can visit the cloistered monasteries, such as you are going to do in Alabama, but to visit one-on-one with one of the cloistered nuns requires permission for you to do so. All monasteries, however, do have an extern sister who is a member of the community there but serves the monastery as the one greeting visitors.

:thumbsup: This is a great explanation - the thing we need to remember is that a Nuns vocation is not with lay people in the community it is in prayer in cloister - lay people while some can be a welcome visit from time to time are often a disruption to the life of the community - this is why and I forget the gentleman’s name but the one that the Vatican had asked to teach lay people centering prayer was asked to leave his monastic, Benedictine community and later had to go to a Cistercian community in Colorado. It had little to do with the Centering Prayer as he was doing with Vatican had asked but it had to do with the number of lay people trying to go to the monastery to be trained in this type of prayer.It was disruptive to the community.

Same type of analogy Monks are to Nuns are Friars are Sisters.

Good luck.

I wouldn’t want to meet one on one. All I would want to do is thank them in public for their great devotion to God that’s all honestly. I know it must take a heck of a person to commit their lives entirely for God praying for us. It’s just the feeling I get feeling good to know that good people do exist. It’s sad that vocations for nuns are little and the times we live in are much different today…

That is very gracious - maybe writing a letter and asking their Mother Superior may be your best course of action.

I understand what your saying and all but I can assure you that I’m not this gentleman from this story. I simply would just want to tell them how much I appreciate what they are doing. I personally don’t think lay people and religious people should some how be against each other or in competition etc we need need one another one way or another…

I’m just thinking about how you said its disruptive to the community to intermix the 2. What happens in heaven when we all meet though all praising the same God?

Nuns are cloistered - they cannot come out into the public, and certainly not visit with a man, other than their Confessor.

If there are people going around calling themselves “nuns” but they are coming out into the public and meeting and speaking with men, then this is very misleading - they are not “nuns” - they are “sisters.”

How is it then that Mother Angelica was able to talk to the public and interact with them. Didn’t she have men call her up on the phone and in her audience her asking questions etc? Was Mother Angelica a sister?

Yes, she is a Sister. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia says shes a Nun en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother_Angelica


First of all it’s Wikipedia it is not going to tell the whole story. Second of all she is the Mother Superior which gives her a certain more public face (I am not sure Canonically how this works) Third this has caused problems and the whole situation has been a well publicized issue.

Contemplative Orders by definition are not meant to interact with lay people - if they do they are no longer Nuns - it is not matter of working together or anything else - it is a matter of defining terms and following the rules of those terms.

Understood. What exactly has caused problems with her?

Well…You might see one or two out at the Shrine, they are cloistered. You will have the opportunity to hear them sing, chant, etc.

I highly recommend Fr . Miguel or Fr Zachery for confession. If you are there on Sunday, please go to 10 am Mass, some locals go at that time.

I invite you to my parish … It’s a beautiful church, Sacred Heart in Cullman.

PM me for more info, etc. I don’t know everyone out at the Shrine, but can at least try to answer any question you may have.

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