Where in God's earth are the NUNS at?

No, I live here, I have never spoken to one of the Nuns at The Shrine. Theremay be one to come out occasionally, but she is usually just in the office for a second, or the gift shop, you will not be able to have conversations with any of the nuns at the shrine.

They are behind the grate or whatever, they are not on the side you will be sitting and they never come out there.


I don’t know enough to speak to the whole of the subject - only what was alluded to in speeches by people such as Fr John Corapi- but I know it has more to do with the inner workings of the Order and how those get balanced out with her duties at EWTN. That certainly is not a Cross I think anyone would wish to bear. If anyone knows about this it certainly would be interesting reading but I highly doubt that it is something that the secular world will or should be completely privy to.

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