Where in the World is Octodad?


This is a very interesting article. It uses the recent “Octomom” frenzy and the noticeable absence of the “Octodad” as a springboard to talk about the absent father phenomenon in our world today.

“But our equivocation about paternity is finally untenable. Out-of-wedlock birth rates in the U.S. are now 38%; among African-Americans the figure is 70%.
Fathers of children living with single mothers are far less involved with their children than are married fathers; about a third of all children in single-mother families have not seen their father in the previous year. Yet decades of social science have made it clear: Children who grow up without their fathers experience more poverty, have more problems at school, more trouble with the law – and more single motherhood in the next generation.”

The right to choose now means not just the right to choose abortion, but the right to choose to have children while deliberately depriving them of a father.

Treating children as products rather than persons makes them worse off.

Treating sex as a personal activity without consequences, has dire consequences for children.

I know. It’s things like this that give me an even deeper appreciation for the Church’s moral teachings. It’s the only thing that properly explains why these “choices” have such harmful side-effects.

I hate to even think about it, but out of wedlock birth rates of 38% and 70% seem to me indications of a society whose underpinnings are being eaten away at a such a rapid rate that the entire structure is near to collapsing.

Yes, it is truly staggering. I hate to think what those statistics will be in another ten or twenty years.

It is my understanding that “OctoDad” is an anynomous sperm donor from the fertility clinic; I believe he is also the biological father of the six older brothers and sisters. In all fairness to the Mom, she was married until recently.

That’s what I have read as well. I think that’s one of the key points in the article: modern fertility practices enable situations which treat the father as dispensible. Our culture is so imbued with this idea that very few would even say that “OctoDad” is just as much a parent to those kids as “OctoMom”. That’s sort of a sad commentary on our society.

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