Where is "Begining Apologetics," Booklet 6?

I thought I posted this on this forum, looks like I didn’t.

I’m going to give a class to RCIA students this year on Mary. I got much of my information from “Beginning Apologetics 6 Booklet ‘How to Explain and Defend Mary’” by Father Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham. I notice that in “This Rock” you do not sell Beginning Apologetics 6 Booklet but sale the rest of the Booklets in that series is something wrong with some of the information in this booklet?

In Christ, Stanmaxkolbe

Dear Stan,

You will be happy to know that we do have No.6 “How to Explain and Defend Mary” for sale now–plus No.7 “How to Read the Bible”.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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