Where is Heaven? Where did Jesus ascend?


On the ascension, Jesus is taken up into the clouds. The angels said “this Jesus has been taken up into heaven”.

I have always thought that heaven was in a different realm, and is not actually part of this physical universe. Where then did Jesus actually ascend to? Why did he not just vanish or disappear?


Heaven is not a physical place, no. But he ascended up into the air out of sight, and then adjourned directly to Heaven.

“Why did he not just vanish or disappear?”

The Son went to a good deal of trouble to incarnate as true God and true man, die in a body, and rise in a glorified body. He was not going to ruin it all at the last minute with some sort of ghostly disappearance. Also, there are a lot of prophecies and psalm verses which go along with the Ascension, and which He meant to fulfill.

Finally, by ascending into the East, He gave Christians a direction in which to pray and to be buried, and pointed to still more psalm verses about the Sun like a bridegroom and from which direction (east) He meant to come back.That’s why churches and graves traditionally faced east.


Because ascension is more dramatic, and God has a flair for style.


I don’t know about heaven, but Hell is somewhere east of the River Jordan: see Numbers 16 31-33. :slight_smile:


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