Where is Heaven?


I was reading a quick summary of a book I’m considering reading - its called Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright. There is a reference to heaven as not another place, up in space or far away etc, but rather here. I assume that means it will be here, as in Earth. I am woefully uneducated on this matter so I’m just asking what is the official teaching of the CC on where heaven is or will be?
Also if anyone has read this book if they have any thoughts on whether its worth the read.

Thanks, appreciate your thoughts on this.


We don’t really know. As finite beings we only know of “places”, the physical, we cannot relate to the spiritual, or the supernatural world, with any real depth of understanding. I like what Pope Emeritus Benedict wrote in “Jesus of Nazareth”, however: “God is heaven”. He’s what makes heaven glorious, awesome…heavenly.




There is no definitive teaching of the Church regarding the location of Heaven. Nevertheless, it is the opinion of many theologians that Heaven is somewhere beyond the stars since Christ ascended to Heaven and descended from thence to earth.


Just pass the farthest star.:slight_smile:

PS I read that somewhere from private revelation.


the book of revelation mentions a new heaven and a new earth and God will dwell with his people face to face. Jesus often spoke about the kingdom of God in the gospels. Guess wherever God is that’s heaven and it will be here on earth after Jesus returns.


Is that no. 7 bus? :smiley:


Heaven is in you. Heaven cannot just be experienced after, but it can also be experienced now. You determine whether you want to be in heaven or not by how you decide to exercise your relationship with God.


In the end time, Heaven will descend to earth; see the end of the Book of Revelation.



Poetically that’s a nice and meaningful image, but in a literal sense it doesn’t mean anything… the stars are all around us in all directions… there’s no above or below in space…not really. The earth is one tiny globe floating in space, orbiting one tiny star floating in space, which is one of billions of stars that comprise one of countless galaxies floating in space… stars are to be found in every conceivable direction for billions upon billions of light years.




Beatific Vision


Thanks: For some reason I always thought(assumed) Heaven was another place - far away. Only recently did I learn that Heaven will be here on Earth. Or at least I became aware of this possibility. Looks like this topic is one thats up for “debate” and there is no consensus on where it will be. I just never thought of it being here so thought I’d open this thread for further discussion.


Heaven is in another dimension of a supernatural realm not of this world.

Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world; if it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jews. But now, My kingdom is not of this realm."

John 18:36


Thanks. Didn’t realize how little I know about it until I tried to articulate where it is and to a lesser extent what it is.


We are promised a “new heavens and a new earth,” so why would it not be a re-creation of this world right here?

The Ascension (and that incident with Elijah) appeal to our natural appreciation for archetypes… In other words, physically going up points to the spiritual reality of attaining a nobler state.


It’s a very good question waxwing.

God bless.


Empyrean Heaven



Blessed Henry Suso (1295 - 1366) Dominican and German mystic

Now, then, ascend thou on high with Me. I will carry thee thither in spirit, and will give thee, after a rude similitude, a distant glimpse into the future. Behold, above the ninth heaven, which is incalculably more than a hundred thousand times larger than the entire earth, there is another heaven which is called Coelum Empyreum, the fiery heaven, so called, not from its being of fire, but from its immeasurably transparent brightness, which is immovable and unchangeable in its nature; and this is the glorious court in which the heavenly hosts dwell, where the morning star with the rest praises Me, and all the children of God rejoice.

There stand, encompassed with inconceivable light, the everlasting thrones, from which the evil spirits were hurled, in which the elect are seated. See how the delightful city shines with beaten gold, how it glitters with costly jewels, inlaid with precious stones, transparent as crystal, reflecting red roses, white lilies, and all living flowers. Now, look on the beautiful heavenly fields themselves. Lo! here all delights of summer, here sunny meads of May, here the very valley of bliss, here the glad moments are seen flitting from joy to joy; here harps and viols, here singing, and leaping, and dancing, hand in hand for ever! here the gratification of every desire, here pleasure without pain in everlasting security!

Now, look how the countless multitude drink to their hearts’ desire at the living fountains of gushing water; look how they feast their eyes on the pure, clear mirror of the revealed Divinity, in which all things are made plain and evident to them. Steal a little nearer, and mark how the sweet queen of the celestial kingdom, whom thou lovest with so much ardour, soars aloft in dignity and joy over the whole celestial host, reclining tenderly on her beloved, encircled with rose-flowers and lilies of the valley. See how her ravishing beauty fills with delight and wonder all the heavenly choirs.

Oh, now behold what will rejoice thy heart and soul, and see how the mother of compassion has turned her compassionate eyes towards thee and all sinners, and how powerfully she appeals to her beloved Son, and intercedes with Him. Now, turn round with the eyes of thy pure understanding, and behold also how the high seraphim and the love-abounding souls of the seraphic choirs blaze up perpetually in Me; how the bright company of the cherubim have a bright infusion and effusion of My eternal inconceivable light, how the high thrones and hosts, the lordships, powers, and dominations, regularly fulfill My beautiful and eternal order in the universality of nature.

Mark, too, how the third host of angelic spirits executes My high messages and decrees in the particular parts of the world; and see, how lovingly, how joyfully, and variously the multitude is marshalled, and what a beautiful sight it is! Turn next thy glance and see how My chosen disciples and best beloved friends sit in repose and honour upon their awful judgment-seats, how the martyrs glitter in their rose-coloured garments, the confessors shine in their vernal beauty, how refulgent the virgins appear in their angelic purity, how all the heavenly host overflows with divine sweetness! Oh, what a company! Oh, what a joyous band!

Blessed, thrice blessed is he who was born to dwell where they dwell! Lo, to this very fatherland I shall carry home from misery and tribulation, arrayed in all the richness of her rich morning gift, My beloved bride in My arms. I shall adorn her interiorly with the beautiful garment of the eternal light of that glory which will exalt her above all her natural powers. She will be clothed exteriorly with the glorified body, which is seven times brighter than the sun’s light, swift, subtle, and to suffering, impassive; then I shall put on her the crown of delight, and on the crown a golden garland.


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