Where is Jeffrey Epstein's child sex abuse faciltator Ghislaine Maxwell?

Where is Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex abuse faciltator Ghislaine Maxwell?

Where the hell is Ghislaine Maxwell?

by Tiana Lowe

| August 12, 2019 03:48 PM

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Pedophilic predator Jeffrey Epstein may have managed to die before facing justice, but his satanic sidekick and supposed “socialite” partner Ghislaine Maxwell may still prove capable of crushing the house of cards complicit in the pair’s sex trafficking.

That is, if we can find where on Earth she is.

Once upon a time, Maxwell, the British daughter of publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, was a fixture in Manhattan high society. She counted everyone from Ivana and Donald Trump to Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton as friends over the years, but most crucially, Epstein became a cross between a boyfriend and a business partner. Media reports have salaciously referred to her as a “madame.” More realistically, it seems she was a slave catcher who recruited children for Epstein’s sex ring and participated in such pedophilic encounters.

A lawsuit before Epstein’s death accuses Maxwell of firsthand sexual abuse, not simply aiding and abetting . . . .

. . . Maxwell, who moved to Manhattan in 1991 after her father fell off a boat and died . .

Good question! Where is she? There are a lot of mysteries that need to be solved.

. . . It’s unclear why the assistants were not named in the documents.

Other unnamed employees have similarly been noted in a draft version of a lawsuit that was expected to be filed by Jennifer Araoz, who said she was raped by Epstein when she was 15.

CNN usually does not name possible sexual misconduct victims, but is identifying Araoz because she came forward to speak publicly on a television news program and is named in the lawsuit draft.

Her draft complaint targeted Epstein as well as unidentified women called the “Recruiter,” the “Secretary” and the “Maid,” whom it dubs Jane Does 1, 2 and 3. The draft complaint said that the recruiter facilitated her “grooming” to be sexually assaulted by Epstein, and that the secretary and the maid would give her money after her visits to Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell attend an event on March 15, 2005, in New York City.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell attend an event on March 15, 2005, in New York City.

A series of documents unsealed last week accuse Ghislaine Maxwell, the British daughter of the late publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, of assisting Epstein in his sexual abuse.

At the heart of the documents are allegations Virginia Roberts Giuffre made in a 2015 defamation case. Giuffre said Epstein kept her as a “sex slave” and that he was assisted by Maxwell. Testimony from another woman in those documents also alleged abuse at the hands of Epstein and Maxwell.

The case was settled in 2017. . . .

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