Where is that in scripture?


I’ve tried to list a lot of topics with the associated bible verses, such as the bible alone, once saved always saved, oral tradition, relics, homosexuality, confession, the end of the world, anxiety, etc., so that when your favorite protestant/secularist says that Catholic beliefs are unbiblical, you can show him/her exactly where they are in the bible. Good luck!:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Thanks.

Great concise resource of biblical verses!!! Thank you!:slight_smile:

one of my favorite sites.

Thank you tobinator for linking me to your site !

I don’t try. The Bible came from the Church. Not the other way around. Most of them don’t get that & untill they study the history of the time, they never will. I just state where they’re wrong, offer ideas for further reading & carry on. Most CAN be shown in the Bible. But I don’t go out of my way.

Protestants can be saved. I don’t worry about the condition of their souls or if they are going to burn in hell for rejecting Christs True teaching for the lies their church founders push on them. Most Protastants are Innocently ignorant. of God’s truth.

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