Where is That in the Bible?


Patrick Madrid is the author of Where is That in the Bible? The book gives scripture references to what the Catholic Church teaches - important information when you are answering questions or defending the faith.
Do you like Where is That in the Bible?


Have you ever read the works of John Salza and Scott Hahn? They are also very active Apologists for the Catholic Faith?


Patrick Madrid is good, John Salza and Scott Hahn are great. Tim Staples is a magnificent apologist, but one of my favorite apologists is Dr. Brant Pitre.


We give copies of that book away as door prizes at LifeTeen. The kids like it.


Yes I enjoy that book very much. Patrick Madrid is very good author and speaker and I’ve found his books and talks very informative and useful. I’ve also had the privilege of hearing him speak in person at his ‘Why Be Catholic’ talk and it was great.

I’d say Patrick Madrid is at the top of the list amongst other Catholic Apologists, such as Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin and others. I find his books very readable and easy to follow. I’ve read some material by other authors and they can come across dry, as if you were reading a college text book. However, I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed all of his books and find them very useful in defending the faith.


I have that book and I use it… occasionally…


anything by Patrick Madrid is great. Read his book “Pope Fiction”. He has a very down to earth, dry humor style. His books are very readable and approachable. I think he is my favorite Catholic apologist.


Me too! Patrick Madrid is excellent at answering the ‘first line’ questions that we encounter in apologetics, and I use his works as conversation openers. His radio program is very well done, and I find his writing style very accessible in speaking to someone who is just starting to ask questions about the Catholic faith. Dr. Hahn an John Salza and the others mentioned are who I turn to when more ‘meat’ is required in my apologetics. In my ministry, I speak to a lot of Baptists who (in my area of the world) tend to ask some…different and more complex questions, so while I like Patricks works, I almost always have to dig deeper than he tends to go. Not a knock on him mind you, his works just don’t lend themselves to what I personally am doing at this moment.

But you are on solid Catholic ground to read and use his books.

Peace in Christ


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