Where is that in the Bible?


I’m fed up with Non-Catholics, where is that in the Bible. Not everything concerning faith and moral is not in the Bible. If you were to go by these fully then ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Where is the word Trinity in the Bible?

  2. Where in the Bible does it say Bible is the ONLY authority regarding salvation?

  3. Where in the Bible is there alter calls?

  4. Where in the Bible that we are save by faith alone?

  5. Where in the Bible that Christians are going to escape the Great Tribulation which would contradict that we must suffer just as Jesus Christ, or carry our own crosses?

  6. How did the Bible came into one collection of books from both OT and NT, did the Bible itself declare the NT to be infallible?

Well many and many of the Protestant Doctrines are not Biblical because none of these questions can be answered. It is proven not only in Scripture but historical records.


Where is the word Bible in the Bible??


Where in the Bible that we must translate the Hebrew to Greek, Greek to Latin, Latin to English, Greek to English?


Can any non-Catholics help us out here???:shrug:


if its not in the bible how do you or anyone know its true? because you/ or someone else say so? And i am supposed to believe you/ or that person because?


Bible is not a holy name for anything, it is just “Book”.
Greek word


Alright Manny, I will bite… :wink:

Nowhere. But then again, the concept BEHIND the word is in the Bible. The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Considering the languages that the books of the bible were written in our words like ‘father’ or ‘son’ or even ‘spirit’ that are ENGLISH words didn’t technically exist in the Bible either.

What is the Bible? Isn’t the Bible the letters and teachings that those who were living before the Bible was put together in the form as we know it, followed? The Bible existed WAY before it was put into it’s current condensed form. Those letters and teachings ARE the authority that the early churches followed so why wouldn’t the Bible be the authority today?

You know, I had a revelation, if you will, regarding this question today. I had never really thought of it but what would you call those throngs of people who would come to the river to be baptized? The Words of the Lord would stir them that when they were told to come down and be baptized they would. It’s kind of the same thing here with ‘alter calls’. All an alter call really is is to give someone the opportunity to come down and meet with someone to accept God and the sacrifice Jesus made. Yes, they can do it in their seats and it would mean just the same but by making that walk to the front of the room is making a profession that they are taking the first step towards God. It’s an amazing thing to see and I don’t understand the issue with it. To see that many people taking that ‘leap’ is awe inspiring. You ACTUALLY get to see the work that God is doing in someone’s life right in front of you. It brings a tear to your eye.

Because it is only by Faith that we can truly begin to see God. Faith brings works. Not the other way around. Without the Faith you cannot be saved.

To go back to your first question… Where in the Bible does it mention the word ‘tribulation’? :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest I haven’t delved into what the end times are going to bring because I really don’t think we can actually KNOW what is going to happen. To sit here and worry about something like that is not in God’s plan. I have Faith in God and His promises. Whatever comes my way comes my way and I will weather through it with Him carrying me. That’s all I need to know. Everthing else if trivial.

:rolleyes: I know what you are trying to do here. But to tell you the truth, if the catholic church had not done the work and put it all together then God would have used another avenue to bring it to the point it is at now. The catholic church DID NOT put the Bible together. God just used them to do it for Him. The Bible is compiled of Words that God has inspired AND spoken whether through His own voice or through the voices of men who were willing to be His voice. But whatever form it comes in it IS God and not ourselves. The NT is infallible because it is GOD who spoke those words.

Wow, I just answered them… Hmmmmmm… You may not like what I have said. :shrug: It happens. But I hope that it makes you and others who have the wrong impression of non-catholics (of whom you are SO tired of… question is why do you keep coming back if you don’t like us???:eek: ) think and hopefully you will come to a better and softer view of us. Who knows, maybe you will and maybe you won’t. But I am happy to answer any questions you have in the mean time just as I hope that you are here to answer mine when they arise.:slight_smile:


Singinbeauty, why non-Catholic always want us to show to you where in the Bible it says such and such? :smiley:


Singinbeauty, lots of books existed along with the current canonical books of the New Testament.

How did the Church know that those books weren’t also the “authority?”

And according to history, the book of Revelation was written either around 60-67 A.D. or 90 A.D. Other New Testament books were written decades after Jesus ascended. So what authority did the church use until then? The Old Testament only? So did they never talk about the life of Jesus and how they came to know Him personally, since that’s not in the Old Testament?

And if the Bible is “the authority,” then why do all Christians have their own interpretation of it? Over on the Family Life forum right now, there’s a thread about denoms, and one poster is swearing up and down that all denoms teach a “gospel of lies from hell.” Who gave HIM the authority to interpret what the Bible “Gospel” is?

I swear, I sometimes think that Protestants really believe that Psalty, the Singing Songbook, is real, only it’s a walking, talking Bible, not a songbook. I can remember being taught in my churches that the Bible is a living, breathing organism, not just a book.


I know for me… It is not so much of ‘where in the bible is this word or that’ but more of where is the certain concept of something. I will be the first to admit that I do NOT know everything. But I really do believe that there have been some evil men who have claimed to be of God and so to trust that a mere human knows what they are talking about is sorta scary. But if you can show me in the Bible where something lies as a concept or a belief that it is easier to take. Because those teachings and writings were written by people who KNEW Jesus when He walked this earth.


Very True. Who knows how many books are out there that have been lost through time and will never be found that describe the days that our Lord walked this earth with man. But do you honestly believe that God would have let any of the books with importance NOT be found and put in the Bible. I don’t know about the God you worship but mine would have thought of that…

Because God told the monks putting the Bible together what goes where. This is ALL God’s doing. Not the catholic church’s and to claim anything other than that is not right…

As I said before they had the direct teachings of Christ, the letters that the apostles wrote, and the Holy Spirit to guide them. Since the NT is made up of those letters and teachings and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us then that is sufficient.

Because we are mere humans. There are catholic denoms that can’t agree on some things. The most important is that a church supplies the truth that Jesus is the Savior of man. To have Faith in that is to be saved.

He gave himself that authority. When you hear that do you feel as if the Holy Spirit is guiding you to believe that? No, of course not! (at least I hope not!):wink:

And you don’t believe that? Sheesh! :wink: To me there is a certain ‘life’ to the Bible. God breathed these words so they are sacred and are not to be taken lightly. There is a reason as to why He chose these books and letters to be written and I for one do not want overlook that. Ever. :thumbsup:


So, it is the concept and the understanding, not the exact word. I agreed with you. However, we probably talk about the general audiences’ belief on this thread …not the individual.


Scripture and Tradition…thank you for acknowledging this…


Monks? Which monks do you say it was who put the bible together? :confused:


What?!?!?!? Who were these monks?? What else did they believe?? Scripture was acknowledged prior to the monastic period. It was during the patristic period that Scripture was acknowledged. These who compiled the canon of the New Testament were inspired by God. But what else did they believe?? Sola Scriptura?? How could they? There was no authoritative canon prior to their compiling the Christian community’s documents and inspired discernment.

It’s easy to say they and them. But please, in detail, define who they are. You will find that “they” believed in the Real Presence of the Eucharist, the sacrifice of the Mass, water baptism as a necessity for salvation, liturgical worship and many of the doctrines that the Catholic Church profess. So if these men ( early Church Fathers) believed as Catholics then don’t be so quick to deny the Catholic Church as the authority of Scripture. We wrote it with the same inspiration that we continue to interpret it. Jesus left behind a Church when He ascended and that Church preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that Church wrote down those teachings and we present to Christianity the books that all Christians call the Bible.

Thank you very much. We are sad that seven books are missing in the protestant bibles but are still honored that they continue to use our book even as incomplete…God Bless:)


Why cant christianity just unite as one? :shrug:


Catholic denominations?? What are you talking about?? You mention that it is important that a church supplies the truth that Jesus is the Savior of man. Didn’t you mean Bible?? You’re starting to sound Catholic…Be careful :wink:


That was our Lord’s prayer in the 17th chapter of John’s Gospel. But the good news is that in heaven no one can protest the truth…:slight_smile: God Bless


It will always be the same. Catholics add or subtract from what scripture says. Paul makes a solid case in Romans that you are truly saved by your faith in Jesus Christ and in fact that is the only way you are saved. The good works is a by-product of the faith. Catholics would have you believe that salvation cannot be had without Mary in the picture which is a lie. Jesus plainly stated that it is only through him that we go on to the father. They also try and make you believe that it is Mary in Revelation that is clothed with the sun although scripture does not say that. They speak of Mary as the ark of the new covenant. Where do you get that from?? Mary isn’t even mentioned past the book of Acts. Catholicism does not trump scripture and never has. The Bible is the word of God. Scripture even states to read and study the word of God, not let the magisterium of the Catholic church feed you their version.


Yes it was, lets hope and pray for the sake of Jesus it can become a reality again

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