Where is the book of the days of the priesthood of John?

According to 1 Macc 16:23-24 (Confraternity-Douay 1957):

“And as concerning the rest of the acts of John, and his wars, and the worthy deeds which he bravely achieved, and the building of the walls which he made, and the things that he did: behold these are written in the book of the days of his priesthood, from the time that he was made high priest after his father.”

Where can I get a copy of the book that is being referred to?


…it seems that this is an issue of the culture/practice… since Judaism rejects the books of Maccabees (I suspect because of the various mentions of practices that are pitted against Judaic understanding–ie: fight the enemy during Sabbath) I doubt that any such books, if they survived past the author’s lifetime, would be recognized as having any value to Judaism… hence, if not destroyed, they would be kept in a deep dark place.

Maran atha!


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