Where is the Creed said in relation to a sacrament at Mass?


My fiancee and I are going to be married on June 29th, the Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul. We are figuring out the liturgy, and we need to determine whether the Credo comes before or after the Rite of Marriage.

It would appear, according the Ceremonial of Bishops, that it would come after the Rite of Marriage, but we wanted to be certain. Are there any resources that one can provide with a definitive answer?



Surely the celebrant is the one who has to ‘figure out the liturgy’. Best off directing your question to him.


In the OF the rite of marriage comes after the Gospel, if there is a Homily, (usually on the subject of the Catholic understanding of Marriage) the exchange of vows, blessing of the rings etc, then the Creed if it is said on that day.

In the EF the marriage rite is prior to Mass, the priest is vested in a stole and cope over his amice, alb, and cincture. After the Marriage Rite he vests in the sanctuary for Mass, which is a Mass as usual except for a special blessing for the couple after the Pater (our Father) and at the end of Mass.


Why in the world are you bothering with how the mass is going to go? That’s the job of your priest.

He tells you how the liturgy goes, not the other way around.



I suppose they may be getting order of service booklets printed up or something, in which case they would need to know what happens when.


Yes, the Credo is sung or said immediately after the Rite of Marriage.

In case you are not already aware (although if I had to guess I would say you most likely are), the Mass must be that of the Solemnity because votive Masses are not permitted to be celebrated on Sundays or Solemnities.


I suppose.

They could just ask the priest to give them a run-through, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

In a perfect world our priest would be a well-trained liturgist. However, we are living in the real world, and, as Master of Ceremonies of my parish, I have the luxury of being able to give suggestions that are respected by my non-liturgist pastor.

Perfect, thank you! And yes we are aware, and that actually is the primary reason my fiancee and I chose that date.


I’m by no means a well trained liturgist, or a liturgist of any kind, but I know what the basic order of Mass is and can easily tell you without looking at any resources that in a regular OF Mass the Creed comes after the homily. I haven’t attended a wedding in about 15 years, but I’d imagine your priest has officiated at enough weddings to be able to answer that sort of question.


Love it. I love the feast as well - my son was baptized on June 29, 2008, in my parish Church of St. Peter on its patronal feast, on the first day of the Year of St. Paul. I had planned on giving him the middle name Michael, but I wound up giving him the middle name Paul.


In the Nuptial Mass the Rite of Marriage immediately follows the homily; he was wondering if the order is homily - marriage rite - Creed or homily - Creed - marriage rite.

The Creed is not recited in the Nuptial Mass, and so it only comes up in the rare case where a couple chooses to get married on a day where the Nuptial Mass may not be celebrated due to a Sunday or Solemnity, and where that provision in the rubrics is actually observed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the priest has never actually dealt with the issue of the Creed at a wedding.


This is exactly the case. I would not be surprised if the priest had been saying nuptial Masses on solemnities throughout his priesthood simply not making the connection. And even if he had, I am pretty confident that he would have just “picked” to do the creed before or after without consulting the books. He is an extraordinarily busy man with way too much going on to busy himself with liturgical minutia since he is not particularly a liturgy buff himself, and especially since he knows he has several very orthodox liturgy buffs in the parish who are grateful to assist with this type of thing.


There is such a thing as, “rubrics,” correct? A priest need not be his own liturgist, he just follows the rubrics.


Well now here is a new discovery:

The Rite of Marriage (from the 70’s) no. 29 states: "The general intercessions (prayer of the faithful) follow [the exchange of rings] … If the rubrics call for it, the profession of faith is said after the general intercessions.


The Ceremonial of Bishops (published much later) states that the creed comes BEFORE the Prayers of the Faithful. Now I’m really confused.

It would seem to me the answer is ambiguous and therefore permitted either way.

Does anyone have access to the new Rite of Marriage in Latin?? What does that say??

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