Where is the line?

I assume that’s what was meant.

Thanks everyone for your answers God Bless

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The attraction isn’t what I was calling sinful, but indulging in fantasy through pictures or plotting to get closer to someone when instinctual urges are the driving force. The indulgence or failure to control the sexual impulse, knowing where it will lead, is what is wrong.

If a person feels that impulse, but controls it and waits until they are better prepared to initiate conversation and get to know someone without the force of the impulse driving them to relate to the person as a means of satisfying their urge, they have not sinned.

If however, they decide to initiate conversation with the person they feel the desire toward without controlling their urge or allowing it to lessen to a point where it has less influence over them, knowing where their drive is leading them, that is when they have sinned, because they have initiated contact with intentions to have immediate sexual relations (or in the case of imagery, indulging in their fantasy of such an action), not a deeper relationship.

In response to another question, yes, I did mean sexual relations when I said “relations.”

Thanks for explaining. That all makes sense and I think we agree.

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